Beddings, or bed linen, is called by multiple names all across the world. Sometimes, bed linens consist of only a bedsheet and matching pillowcases and in some cases, it can describe a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a quilt, or a blanket. It is imperative to choose the best quality bed linen that provides you with the utmost relaxation and sleep. It also adds character to your bedroom, uplifting its vibe. If you are confused about how to select the best bed linen, here is a comprehensive guide that will help you make the right selection for your home interior.

Size of the Bed Linen

When looking for the right bed linen, check out the sizes. The king-size bed linen is available in 72”x80”, queen size in 60”x78”, and the single bed sheet in 36”x74” size. Choose the size as per your bed size.

GSM or Thread Count

GSM grams per square or thread count means the number of threads woven in the bedsheet or the duvet cover or the pillow cover. The bedsheet is softer to touch with a higher thread count and the fabric feels finer to touch. Look for higher GSM to buy comfortable and plusher bed linen.


Bed linen available in the market is either dyed or printed. Ensure that the process is chemical free and safe for your skin. The weave and material of the fabric help in determining the breathability of the linen material.

Linen Material

The material of the bed linen must be considered when selecting the right option. It should be amazingly comfortable for you.

  • Cotton – It is breathable, light in weight, and easy to wash and maintain the fabric. It provides a perfect blend of versatility, durability, and soft comfort.
  • Egyptian Cotton – Considered as one of the finest cotton, Egyptian Cotton feels lighter, softer, stays stronger, lasts longer, and requires minimal ironing.
  • Supima Cotton – Supima Cotton is premium American cotton, it comes with extra-long staples imparting durability, softness, and resistant to piling or abrasion.
  • Hygro Cotton – This cotton material is made using advanced technology and stays as good as new even after multiple washes. It stays cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • Linen – It is a durable and fine quality material that provides utmost comfort to the user. It comes with high breathability and looks luxurious after every wash.
  • Flannel – This cotton variety is combed for fluffing up the fibres. Soft to touch, it feels snug and warm against the skin. This makes it perfect to use in the winters.
  • Tencel – This soft fabric is made up of wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree. It is naturally antimicrobial, environment-friendly, and durable material.
  • Silk – It is considered as one of the most luxurious and beautiful bed linens that give you a feel of royalty when used. Using it is pure indulgence.
  • Polyester – Exceptionally durable, inexpensive, and stain-resistant man-made material, polyester is usually used along with other fabric material blend. It is more suitable for filling for comforters and quilts.
  • Blends – Bed linen is also made using a variety of blends. Predominantly cotton, it is a durable, inexpensive, and wrinkle-resistant material.
  • Weaves – The bed linen weave helps in making the bed linen more comfortable, softer, and incredible in looks. Percale and sateen are two commonly used weave materials.

Patterns on the Bed Linen

Besides size, GSM, and fabric of the bed linen, another factor which helps you choose the right bed linen option is patterns and designs. Since this factor has a lot of impact on the aesthetic value of your room, it is important to choose patterns and designs that determine the feel and look of your room. A lot of choices are available in patterns like geometric, floral, ethnic, stripes, checks, and abstract. There are theme-based designs and patterns also available in the market that are inspired by popular art forms. Plain or solid coloured bed linen is one of the most commonly used options as it gives an elegant and classy touch to any room décor.

Washing and Maintaining Linen

Like any other household use product, bed linen also needs to be regularly washed and maintained to retain its amazing looks. Even when choosing an easy to care and maintain the bed linen option, it requires proper care while washing. Always check wash care instructions carefully before washing it in a washing machine or by hand. It is equally important to separate bed linen as per colours to avoid staining the rest of the clothes while washing. Most of the cotton and linen bed sheets are washed and tumble dry at low heat to ensure no wrinkles and creases.

Linen Storage

Bed linen must be stored in a dark and dry space. Check out space before organizing your bed linen and rule out any gaps under the floor, wet spots on the floor, moisture in the air, etc. The area must be well ventilated so that there are no chances of bacteria or mould growth on the stored linen.

The selection of the right bed linen has an amazing impact on the overall home interior scheme. Thus, it is important to make the right choice as per the factors mentioned above. HomeLane brings a comprehensive range of bed linen and other products that help you dress up your dream home and amp up its look.


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