The home school creates positive and pertinent socialisation for children with their counterparts and adults. Children are not troubled by peer pressure and can be trained according to their unique talents and interests. Thus, a useful homeschool space will only enhance all these efforts and act as a catalyst in the growth of your child. The spot where you study and learn is equally important. A proper and safe environment helps the child concentrate and grasp things quickly.

What are the requisites to set up an effective home school space?

Firstly we will discuss what the crucial requisitions you should look at before setting up your home school are –

Recognise the perfect “spot” in the room

Creating a homeschool space does not need an elaborate and expensive layout. You just need to find the right place in your room, one that offers adequate space to keep the study materials undisturbed, a flat surface, good light and comfortable seating. You should also seat yourself closer to the child so that you can answer their questions whenever necessary. You can even consider an outdoor space or consult your child as to what they want.

set up home school

Consider setting up homeschool centres and workboxes

Homeschool centres are small spaces which can be used as listening areas or used by children when they are indulging deeper into any topic. These can be a different spot in the same table.

Homeschool workboxes are boxes where you can categorise your child’s works. You can have separate boxes, trays, cardboard boxes for their stationery, colouring books, reading materials and so on. This is efficient and time-saving. It helps your child become independent and organised.

interior design ideas for online classes

The essential homeschool teaching supplies

After finding a favorable place to set up, you’d be needing homeschool teaching supplies to facilitate your kids’ learning. Keep notebooks, slates, markers, art supplies, sketchbooks, storybooks, glue, ruler, stapler, and scissors ready.

To make the space more inviting, you can also put up posters that would be colourful and knowledgeable.

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The Homeschool furniture

If you have decided upon the right place and necessary items to put into your homeschool room, it’s time to find some homeschool furniture to modify the space and make it more comfortable and easy –

1. Tables and chairs

Choose a chair where one can sit for 2-3 hours and will not strain your child’s back or posture. A table with a flat surface is easier to use. You can even opt for a drop-down table as it occupies less space.

table and chairs for home school

2. Table lamp

In case your homeschool room does not have proper light, it is advisable to keep a study table lamp handy. It helps in reading properly and does not put any strain on your child’s eyes.

table lamps for home schools

3. Blackboard or whiteboard

Teaching your kid on a blackboard/whiteboard is simpler for them to understand difficult concepts. They can always take references from the board to keep updating their work on a specific topic.

blackboard walls for home school

4. Stationeries

Keep adequate amounts of notebooks, storybooks, trays, pens, pencils, erasers ready so that your kid does not have to hassle and they can carry on with their studies effortlessly.

5. Homeschool classroom pictures

You can put up multiplication tables, world maps, quotations, phonics, anatomy and human body pictures in your homeschool room walls. The visual graphics help in better grasping and memorising of words.

home classroom pictures

6. Technology on the table

The 21st-century digitalisation has made technological devices a necessity. You can put a laptop or iPad on the table for online classes from home. You can even buy a kindle as it would do away with the space occupied by numerous books.

clutter free home school table

8. Bookshelf/bookcase

The homeschool table can become messy with so many materials. To keep the books organised and prevent them from any destruction, you can keep them in a bookcase or bookshelf.

bookshelf for home school

Keeping your daily homeschool space organised

  • No matter how big or small your homeschool space is, keeping it organised is one of the most practical ways in keeping its use growing.
  • Organise your art supplies in pencil boxes or stands, keep sharp objects safely and throw away damaged products.
  • You can either buy a bookcase or go DIY and make a book crate from a cardboard box or a sling bookshelf from a big cloth piece. This looks creative and contributes to the aesthetic of the room.

HomeLane brings to you polished suggestions for your homeschool room setup. You can always walk into our design centres and go through our collections of designs and furniture. We also have the option of a 3D visualisation of your rooms through our great technology and expert opinions. Choose the best for your child and house. Our designs are created according to your tastes and pocket-friendly. We have strong process-driven performance, great products, transparent citations and a 45-day delivery guarantee with all sanitisation and cleaning protocols.

The perfect homeschool room awaits you!

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