It’s almost that time of the year – time to celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon Mahishasura. The sparkling nine days of Navratri is around the corner and all Indian homes must be getting ready for the festive season that starts during this time of the year. Interestingly, it is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India, with various ceremonies and symbolic elements used during the nine days – a Garbi (earthen pot with diyas used for evening aarti) in Gujarat, Golu/Kolu (a staircase decorated with dolls) in Tamil Nadu, flower stacks in Andhra Pradesh, the grand pandals in Kolkata and Assam, and so on.

How do you plan to welcome the goddess this year? Here are some easy, festive ideas to spruce up your home for Durga Puja.

Declutter And Spring Clean

Take this opportunity to declutter and deep clean the whole house. Use a professional cleaning service if you need to, or on your own tackle one room a day, to deep clean areas which you don’t normally cover on a daily basis. Move around furniture making sure that you get all the nooks and corners. You should also deep clean bookshelves, wardrobes, mattresses and upholstery. Clear the piles of plastic covers, newspapers, bills and magazines that you don’t need any more. Sort out all the electronic gadgets, chargers and mangled wires. Repot your plants, and scrub pots to give your green space a fresh look.

Spare a thought whether you really need those things that you haven’t used in the last one year. Give away what you don’t need, in good condition, to the needy if you wish to.

Shake Up Your Décor Accents

Freshen up your room layout by rearranging the smaller pieces of furniture such as side tables and bookshelves. Change cushion covers, curtains and bed linen – switch to fresh festive ones that you already have in stock or buy new ones. Consider switching to an earthy palette of warm Indian hues like reds, yellows and oranges along with neutrals. Add metallic accents in the form of copper dipped leg side tables, trays or wall lamps. If you have indoor plants, get new gold-dipped planter pots for a celebratory look. Bring out your fancy cutlery, table runners and napkins to brighten up mealtime and while entertaining guests. Walls don’t want to be left behind – if you had bought new artwork or photos and not framed them yet, now is the time to go for it. Most furniture stores stock new designs for the upcoming festive season so it’s a great time to buy new pieces.

Spruce Up Your Lighting

Get creative with attractive string lights – hang them over plants, pack them into mason jars and any nook that you want to light up. Switch up your lamp shades with festive ones that you can DIY or buy from a home store.

Bring in plenty of diyas grouping them in interesting ways intermingling them with flowers or any other small trinkets. Make this your centre table décor in the living room or the centrepiece of your dining table during Navratri. Sprinkle interesting perfumed candles and candle stands and light up your home with a warm glow throughout the festive season.

Floor Décor – Rangolis And Flower Carpets

Rangolis and flower carpets are some of the simplest ways to announce the arrival of any festival. You can even get ready-made Rangoli templates to make your work easier. But fresh flowers or pick them from your garden and create small carpets on the floor. Arrange fresh ones in vases on side tables, or in earthen pots or urlis for an instant fresh look.

Redo Your Puja Room Or Puja Mandap

Decorate your puja room with flowers and regional accents like mango leaves. Get a Durga idol if you don’t yet have one and make Her the centre of your prayer space for the season. Bring in a few more ethnic lamps and decorative Torans. Light up incense sticks, and use decorative trays or plates to serve your daily offerings after a prayer or puja.

Entryway Décor For Durga Puja

Spruce up your entryway giving your guests an inkling of what’s in store for them indoors! Give it classic Indian touches such as ethnic paintings, or a framed Indian silk piece, or colourful ethnic puppets. Light up the entryway or foyer with lamps, flowers, string lights or covered candles.

Centre Table Décoration For Durga Puja

Bring in a golden glow with gold, brass and metallic utensils like brass lotas or jugs. Arrange flowers in them for a gorgeous ethnic look. Re-group your much-loved trinkets and curios into eye-catching vignettes on your side and centre tables.

Balcony Décoration Ideas For Durga Puja

Don’t forget your balcony. Extend the décor inside your home to the patio or balcony as well. You could use the same colour schemes on cushion covers. Add floral bouquets, candles and rangolis here to complete the festive vibe at home.

Durga Puja Festive Music

Lastly, have gentle festive music suiting your tastes floating through the air all day. It will bring in a sense of calm while you get the home ready for guests or simply for a peaceful evening with your family.

This year let’s celebrate Durga Puja with HomeLane. Get in touch with our experts in order to solve all your inter decoration and home interior-related quarries, so that your home is perfect festive ready.

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