If you’ve found yourself Googling: “latest TV stand designs,” this guide is for you. Here, we have curated some of the most functional and creative TV stand designs that anchor your room, from which you can take inspiration. Let’s jump right in.

Idea 1: TV Stand Design Wooden for a Rustic Appeal

If you love all-things modern and contemporary, consider this TV stand design. The use of wood delivers a rustic-like appearance and sits perfectly well with the interiors of this modern loft. You’ve got plenty of drawers on one side to store important items. The long stand provides abundant space to keep a home theatre system, books, a lamp, and any other item you wish to store. This design is a keeper!

Idea 2: Minimalistic TV Stand Design for Convenience

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If you want something less bulky and a little more open, here’s a TV stand design worth emulating. The open shelves in an asymmetrical format give the room an ‘edgy’ vibe. Pairing it with white drawers on the right side ensures you don’t have to compromise on storage.

Idea 3: Modern TV Stand Design for a Clean Look

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Here’s another amazing TV stand design in the wooden finish that sits well within all kinds of interiors. You can design this type of a wooden TV stand in numerous finishes. Plus, this classic design never fails to impress. This style can be used, irrespective of your TV size or the space available.

Idea 4: Basic TV Stand Design for a Sleek Look

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If you love design styles generally available at IKEA, this TV stand design is more up your alley. You get a mix of open and closed shelves to store your set up box, TV remote, and other everyday items. If you are short on space and want a sleek design for your living room, this is the design to go for. It checks off all important needs on the list–it is aesthetically appealing, functional, and doubles up as an effective storage unit that is easily portable.

Idea 5: Hanging TV Stand Design for a Classic Look

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For those who wish to go for a TV stand design that’s a little more out-of-the-box, this hanging design is worth considering. The ‘hanging’ element makes the space come alive. You get huge single panel drawers to store big and small items. You get the top space for storing items. You can add trendy shelves on top to complete the look. Instead of going for glass shelves, we suggest pairing it with industrial or a wooden shelf. You can also experiment with the colours of the TV design set.

Idea 6: Up-in-the-Air TV Stand Design for a Smart Look and Feel

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Our favourite recommendation on this list, this hanging smart TV design set is the stuff of dreams. Set against a white exposed brick wall, it requires expert installation and solid construction. If you want to install your TV on the wall (as opposed to placing it on the hanging wooden shelf), this design will work wonders for you.

Idea 7: An End-to-End TV Stand Design for a Synchronised Look

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This kind of an end-to-end TV stand design doubles up as a statement piece in any living room. The enclosed drawers at the bottom allow you to hide clutter. The open shelves of varying sizes and shapes empower you to store items of memorabilia, collectibles, decor accents, books, you name it. Plus, there’s enough space in and around the TV to ensure the entire unit isn’t overwhelming for the onlooker. The addition of bright green plants on one side gives this otherwise dual-tone cabinet a colourful touch. If you have the time and space to customise a TV stand of this magnitude and style, we suggest you go for it!

Idea 8: A Retro TV Stand Design for a Vintage Look

Image Source

Granted very few people might have a TV that’s vintage and working (like the one shown above), we love the gorgeous TV stand cabinet below. It’s petite, cute, and reminiscent of the 1960s. If you have a bohemian-themed living room, this is the type of TV stand cabinet we would recommend for you.

Idea 9: A Wall Cabinet-cum-TV Stand Design that’s Super-Functional

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Here’s another great example of a complementary and modern TV stand cabinet and coffee table (which actually looks like a miniature, cute version of the big cabinet). Every piece of furniture in this living room set up is perfectly synchronised–be it in style, design, and execution. You’ve got a healthy mix of enclosed, open, and hanging cabinets as well shelves, making this a winning TV stand design! Add diversity to your living room with the soft furnishings and you are good to go!

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Clearly, a TV stand design is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that allows you to display your TV, keep essential items such as books, cable devices, streaming items, and so on. Selecting the right kind of TV stand design can get you your money’s worth and elevate the style of your living room or bedroom. For more interesting tips and hacks on home decor, head over to HomeLane.

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