With its name derived from the Eurasian teal- a freshwater duck with a stunning bluish-green stripe on its head, the colour teal is a seamless union of the stunning hues perched upon the duck’s head. Blue and green marry each other to make a delectable shade that’s a must-have in your home.

teal colour home decor items

Psychology claims teal improves the clarity of thought, rejuvenates your senses and reduces mental stress too. Teal can also build confidence and spike creativity since this stunning colour radiates high-energy vibrations. With so many perks and the added benefit of it being a gorgeous colour, no wonder that homeowners are going gaga over this shade. Teal is an upcoming colour in home decor that’s here to stay. 

Incorporate the Tantalizing Teal in Your Homes: 

Teal has high versatility, which can work with any style, be it modern or contemporary. At its brightest, it can be vibrantly bold and at its calmest, it can be seamlessly sober. So if you’re looking to revamp your home into a glorious abode, fear not because we have the best teal interior ideas to ensnare your senses and elevate your homes.

Teal Walls: 

teal walls in home office

Teal looks best when paired with neutral shades like white because together they create a contrast that is bold yet sophisticated in nature. Keep in mind that the more sober and simple the second shade, the louder attention is drawn to this showstopper. Opt for a stunningly rich teal wall on one side of the teal living room, while a simple white, beige, or grey adorns the other walls. 

Add a Pop of Colour:

teal carpet and accessories

Opt for colourful teal accents that add a delicious pop of colour. Artwork or teal vases are sure to draw the attention of onlookers. A teal carpet in your living room can add a layer of zing that will make up for the neutrality of the rest of it. You can even opt for teal sofas, cushions, and dining chairs! There’s so much to do with this beautiful shade. 

Teal Bedroom Interiors:

teal bedroom

Teal is the go-to colour in your bedroom, as it is associated with calm and relaxation.

At its soberest, teal makes a simple pastel hue adding a chic persona that is oh-so-adorable. Lighter shades of teal are also known to make your bedroom look large. A pleasant pastel teal background paired with pastel pink, yellow and white decor accents throughout the bedroom can add a dreamy and cosy look to the room. You’d never want to leave!

At its most vibrant, teal paired with white, bright pink and yellow can create a zesty and energized atmosphere that your child would love. If your child’s bedroom has a study area, incorporate teal with tabletops or a chair. As this hue is known to increase concentration and spike creativity, it is the perfect choice for your kids’ humble abode.

Two-Toned Interiors:

two toned kitchen

If you cannot decide between the simple vs peppy, you can go for a two-toned look that blends the minimalist with the maximalist. Pair the brightest shade of teal with the subtlest to tone down the contrast. For example, many teal kitchen cabinets pair lighter shades with dark ones, adding a mysterious layer of colourful persona. 

Beach Vibes:

When we think of the colour teal, the first association we make is the serene waters of nature. Homeowners love to add this eye-pleasing hue in their interiors, as it brings about emotions of calmness and serenity while still maintaining its vastness, mirroring the sea. 

Visually transcend into a tropical beachy getaway by adding zing by combining teal with summer hues like yellows and citrus lime green. These vibrant hues are sure to bring brightness to your space that looks appealing. Who needs a vacation when your home is the perfect nautical space?

Contemporary Design

Teal sofa with brown wall

Teal can also offer a rich antique look combined with traditional shades like gold and copper. Go for bold colour with teal furniture with intricate designs. You can also pair gold/copper accents with teal sofa and maroon walls and accent lighting to create an elegant look that will mesmerise your guests from the moment they walk in. 

Textured Prints:

Pick out some vibrant or pastel floral wallpaper or textured interiors such as teal curtains/carpets with intricate geometric features that add an abstract aesthetic. Geometric prints are in this season, and teal looks decadent in these fun shapes. 

Because of its versatility, teal can be used pretty much anywhere in your home, be it- walls, sofas, kitchen cabinets, and study tables. Teal brings a modern sophistication along with a calm, inviting look. If this gorgeous blend of blue and green is what your home is missing, put some brilliance to your home with the above tips. Let HomeLane revamp your home into a humble yet luxurious abode.

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