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modular kitchen design Bhubaneswar
Are you passionate about cooking, and do you want a modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar that reflects your love for cooking? HomeLane is your one-stop-shop for stylish homes in Bhubaneswar. Our design team in Bhubaneswar is passionate about crafting kitchens that are as unique as you are. We don't just follow trends—we help you translate your vision into a stunning reality, using premium modular units that blend functionality with aesthetics. Explore cutting-edge designs at the lowest modular kitchen price Bhubaneswar has on offer. Ready to transform your Bhubaneswar modular kitchen into a space you love? Get a free quote today and discover the HomeLane difference!
    Rainer Leather Black and Henna Green Parallel Modular Kitchen

    Looking for fresh and unique kitchen colour ideas? Create a distinctive space that matches your personality, with this striking combo! Light wood laminate in the cabinets below the counter adds utility and style, while the unusual henna green upper cabinets offer up plenty of storage in this small modular kitchen. The extra loft takes your storage all the way to the ceiling and allows you to safely stash kitchen staples or appliances that are not needed on a daily basis.

    Size | 9' x 8'

    Martiz L Shaped Henna Green Modular Kitchen

    Varying shades of wood have the power to ground your kitchen decor, giving it earthy stability. In this lovely kitchen, a subtle shade of wood is used across all the cabinets for a cohesive look. The Moroccan kitchen tile design adds vibrant graphics and much-needed pattern. The loft cabinets can be used to store extra utensils and appliances. This spacious kitchen is perfect for a large family and can easily accommodate multiple cooks.

    Size | 7'

    Adela L Shaped Leather Black and Henna Green Modular Kitchen

    If you’re looking to make a unique statement with your small kitchen design while erring on the side of caution with your colour choices, here’s something you’ll absolutely dig! Create a distinctive cooking space that matches your personality, with this striking combination of grey and teal. The unexpected and refreshing teal cabinets below the counter add functionality and style, while the moody grey cabinets around them manage to keep things from getting out of hand in this luxurious modern kitchen design. The extra loft takes your storage all the way to the ceiling and allows you the convenience of stowing away items that you don’t need often. And would you just take a look at the spell-binding Moroccan kitchen tile design that’s tying things together?

    Size | 10'

    Aileen L-Shaped Creamy White and Chestnut Modular Kitchen

    Looking for a simple modular kitchen that has tonnes of storage space for all your kitchen odds and ends? Then this one’s for you! With spacious kitchen cupboard designs in white and chestnut that come equipped with smart kitchen accessories, there’s plenty of room for your pots and pans, appliances, crockery, groceries, and much more. The loft cabinets can be used to store non-essentials that do not need daily access.

    Size | 13' x 10'

    Cales L Shaped Leather Black and Henna Green Modular Kitchen

    Colours in the right combination can change the mood and set the ambience for any space, as is evident in this luxury modern kitchen design. Leather black cabinets create a strong contrast against wood, and the patterned kitchen tile design strikes the right balance between the two shades. Space-saving accessories are carefully curated to maximise work efficiency. The loft provides additional storage space.

    Size | 13' X 9'

    Minya L Shaped Sparkling Wood and Creamy White Modular Kitchen

    The natural patterns in the wooden laminate meld well against the creamy white of the cabinets flanking the cooking hob, in this smart and efficient luxury modern kitchen design. Strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility, with this beautifully organised, space-savvy decor. The kitchen tile design in a metallic copper shade makes up the backsplash and unifies the disparate elements. This is a space you’re sure to love cooking in!

    Size | 8'5"

    Cosa U Shaped Sparkling Wood and Creamy White Modular Kitchen

    There’s plenty of storage space in this trending U-shaped luxury modern kitchen design. The upper cabinets and lofts are in a unique shade of henna green, with lower cabinets in crisp white. The two runs of cabinetry are anchored together by graphic patterned kitchen wall tiles in a vibrant shade of aqua, and a plain black kitchen granite design. Time to get cracking on those hearty, delicious meals, cooked and served with love!

    Size | 18' X 8'

    Cactus U Shaped Creamy White and Chestnut Modular Kitchen

    Energetic and warm, the colour red always evokes strong emotions. This luxury modern kitchen design showcases glossy red cabinets in a streamlined, modern finish. Not for the fainthearted, red is a versatile colour that pops against a neutral backdrop, like the creamy kitchen tile design here. Twin rows of upper cabinets maximise storage options, eking out every bit of the square footage of this compact kitchen.

    Size | 13' X 8'

    Cactus U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Pairing high-energy red with creamy white results in a space that is cosy, colourful and yet beautifully balanced. The high-gloss finish in the kitchen cupboard design lends a contemporary look, which is grounded by the brown patterned kitchen tile design. Keep the space feeling fresh with potted houseplants that are easy to grow.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Selinon Creamy White U Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Grey is the new neutral; a shade that perfectly matches any kitchen decor style and theme. Make the most of this versatile colour in your small modular kitchen; a bold colour choice that’s sure to stand the test of time! Layers of seamless, built-in storage cabinets that run all the way to the ceiling allow you to stash away anything and everything, keeping countertops free. By keeping one wall bare, the aesthetic is kept looking airy and open.

    Size | 10'

    Campanella U Shaped Plum and White Modular Kitchen

    Looking to add a splash of colour to your kitchen decor? This delicious shade of red will give your space an energy jolt, grabbing attention and making a strong impact. Leave the ordinary behind, with this warm and cosy small modular kitchen that will surely capture your heart. Two layers of overhead cabinets in crisp white provide all the storage you’ll ever need. Add some spicy red into the mix for all the scrumptious, mouthwatering meals you’ll cook for your loved ones!

    Size | 16'

    Agrinio U Shaped Chesnut and Creamy White Modular Kitchen

    Light, bright colours always feel more cheerful than dark and dreary shades; and they also open up compact spaces and make them appear visually larger. Creamy white in the upper cabinets lights up this small modular kitchen, and layering in chestnut cabinets keeps things trendy. A well-defined kitchen work triangle ensures that efficiency is always at a high during meal prep and cooking.

    Size | 10' x 6'

    Violet and Black Straight Modular Kitchen

    If what you’re looking for in your new kitchen is something bold and fresh, here’s a winning combination you should look at. Purple is having a moment in the Sun right now and when used as kitchen tile design alongside broody dark cabinets, the atmosphere it creates is nothing short of resplendent. And if faced with a space crunch, up the ante a bit and go all the way up to the ceiling with your storage in your small modular kitchen to get the most out of your square footage.

    Size | 12'

    Fabio U Shaped Frosty White and Champagne Modular Kitchen

    Your small modular kitchen can handle just as much style as any other, despite its compact footprint! White and champagne is a low-key, almost monochromatic combo that serves up heaps of elegance, and by using pastels in your kitchen decor you can open up the space and make it lighter and brighter. Quirky kitchen tile designs on the walls and floors add punch, more than making up for the lack of vibrant hues.

    Size | 9' x 7' x 7'

    Chicory L Shaped Modular Kitchen Black Black White

    Here’s a black-and-white space that makes the best case for dialling down the colours! This petite small modular kitchen is built seamlessly into a wallpapered niche and fits neatly into the background of an open dining space. The pristine white counter wraps itself around the storage, neatly folding up into a ledge at a lower level. Black cabinets in the lower run offer a stunning contrast to plain white storage above the counter, the whole look tied up with a backdrop of graphic wallpaper.

    Size | 9'5"

    Alcott Parallel Horizon Oak Modular Kitchen

    Experience the elegance of transitional kitchen interior design, with this oakwood parallel kitchen that maximises storage and functionality. The open-plan layout allows plenty of light on the warm grains of oak, eliminating dark corners and creating a cosy and inviting vibe. The tall pantry unit is equipped with space-saving accessories, while the built-in appliances keep countertops free.

    Size | 9'5"

    Leah L Shaped Horizon Oak Modular Kitchen

    Oak and cream take centre stage in this two-toned L-shaped luxury modular kitchen design. Everything you need to prep and cook is within arm’s reach, making cooking efficient and stress-free. The pretty kitchen tile design in the backsplash adds pattern and focus to tie the look together. The white countertop extends out on one side into a breakfast bar, so you can grab a piping hot cup of coffee to go!

    Size | 9'5"

    Lando Parallel Frosty White and Black Modular Kitchen

    Small and bright, this simple kitchen design offers up some serious style! Frosty white meets stark black in a yin-yang combination that’s as old as time itself. The duo is brought into stunning focus by the high-gloss deep red backsplash. Storage spaces are cleverly designed, with a mix of open and closed kitchen cupboard designs that maximise space efficiency and preserve a sense of airy openness.

    Size | 9'5"

    Brina L Shaped Black Modular Kitchen

    Black is beautiful, as this luxury modern kitchen design proves! From the inky black high-gloss cabinets to the painstakingly detailed storage accessories, every element in this kitchen works hard to maximise functionality and aesthetics. A tall and spacious pantry unit organises groceries, sauces and condiments, and holds all you need to cook up mouth-watering meals. If black is your go-to colour, then this is one kitchen you should be taking home with you!

    Size | 9'5"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the best modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar?

    When it comes to modular kitchens in Bhubaneswar, HomeLane stands out as the number one service provider, for a number of reasons:

    • Wide Range of Designs: At HomeLane, we offer a diverse selection of trendy modular kitchen designs, suitable for modern living in Bhubaneswar.
    • Expertise and Customisation: Our design experts can guide you through the latest kitchen design trends in India, ensuring your dream modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar is both beautiful and functional.
    • Transparent Pricing: We’re happy to provide a clear pricing structure upfront, so you'll know exactly what your modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar will cost before you commit!
    • Modern Features and Materials: We incorporate state-of-the-art features and finishes for a truly modern kitchen design in Bhubaneswar.
    • Timely Deliveries: At HomeLane, we live up to our promise of 45-day deliveries, so that you can plan your big move well ahead!
  • What is the price of a modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar?

    At HomeLane, we do all we can to bring stunning and budget-friendly modular kitchens to Bhubaneswar homes. Through innovative design solutions and ergonomic layouts, HomeLane offers the trendiest kitchens at some of the most affordable modular kitchen prices Bhubaneswar has ever seen! 

    The final cost of your dream kitchen interiors in Bhubaneswar depends on a few factors:

    • Kitchen Size: Bigger kitchens naturally require more materials, affecting the price.
    • Material Choices: High-quality materials like plywood and acrylic will cost more than pre-laminated particleboard.
    • Design Complexity: Simple layouts are generally more budget-friendly than intricate designs with elaborate features.

    Want a quick estimate for your kitchen interior design Bhubaneswar? Use the HomeLane Cost Calculator and get a ballpark modular kitchen price in Bhubaneswar in no time!

  • How much time does it take to complete a modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar?

    Our Bhubaneswar kitchen projects are designed for efficiency, and your kitchen should be delivered within our promised schedule of 45 days. We handle most of the construction work at our controlled factory environment in Bhubaneswar. This ensures quality and reduces the time needed for in-home installation.

    All the cabinets are cut, sized and finished at the factory, and the actual installation at your Bhubaneswar home takes only about a week! This minimises disruption to your daily routine and allows you to quickly start enjoying your dream modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar.

  • What are the popular materials used in modular kitchen Interiors in Bhubaneswar?

    HomeLane’s kitchen interiors in Bhubaneswar are crafted using the highest quality of core materials and surface finishes, and these include:

    • Plywood: A strong and durable option, plywood is popular due to its moisture resistance and ability to hold screws well.
    • MDF (Medium-density fibreboard): This engineered board offers a smooth finish and is cost-effective compared to plywood. It can be easily routed and made into panels with membrane finishes.
    • Particleboard: This is a budget-friendly choice, that must be edge-sealed perfectly to prevent moisture damage.

    For the surface finishes of their kitchen interior designs Bhubaneswar homeowners often opt for:

    • Laminate: Affordable and widely available, laminates come in a vast range of colours and textures.
    • Acrylic: This offers a high-gloss, sleek look and is easier to clean than laminate. 
    • Membrane: This wrap-around, heat-sealed finish creates a seamless look and is available in various textures and colours, including wood finishes. 
    • PU: PU, or polyurethane, offers a luxe high gloss finish that is prized for its durability.
  • Can I customise my modular kitchen Interior Design in Bhubaneswar?

    Yes, of course, you can customise the design of your modular kitchen in Bhubaneswar! At HomeLane, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and cookie-cutter designs are not our style. We offer a diverse selection of trendy modular kitchen designs in India, suitable for modern living in Bhubaneswar. 

    From core materials like moisture-resistant plywood to trendy surface finishes like acrylic or PU, you have a variety of options to personalise your kitchen and match your unique sense of style. Our design experts will understand your needs, preferences, and space constraints to create custom kitchen interior Design in Bhubaneswar that perfectly suit your needs.

  • What are the most popular layouts for modular kitchens in Bhubaneswar?

    HomeLane can help you design the perfect modular kitchen layout for your Bhubaneswar home! Here are some of the most popular options for modular kitchens in Bhubaneswar:

    • L-Shaped Kitchens: This is a great space-saving layout that maximises countertop and storage space. It's ideal for creating an efficient workflow with the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator in close proximity, placed at the three ends of the kitchen work triangle.
    • U-Shaped Kitchens: Perfect for larger kitchens, U-shaped layouts offer ample storage and workspace on three walls. They're the ideal choice for those who love to cook and entertain frequently, and can easily accommodate more than one cook at a time.
    • Parallel Kitchens: A space-efficient option for compact kitchens, parallel layouts feature cabinets and appliances on two opposing walls. This layout works well in long and narrow spaces and offers an abundance of storage above and below the counter, with no hard-to-reach corners. 
    • Straight Kitchens: This is a simple and compact layout with cabinets and appliances along one wall. It's suitable for smaller kitchens or open floor plans where the kitchen blends into the living area.