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Modern bedroom designs

Craft your dream bedroom interior design with HomeLane, where functionality meets bespoke style! Our interior experts will work with you to design a bedroom that speaks to your heart and reflects who you are. Whatever your need— a serene haven or a space that pops with vibrancy—we’re here to bring your vision to life! From calming neutrals to the boldest of hues, discover a bedroom design that reflects your unique personality.

Start by browsing our extensive collection of bedroom designs for inspiration. We offer a wide selection of furniture, including spacious wardrobes, space-saving beds, and custom storage solutions, to ensure both comfort and practicality. Whether it’s your master bedroom design or a delightful space for your kiddies, the right furniture placement optimises the spatial flow in your room. Our end-to-end service includes expert advice on decor, lighting, furniture and storage, ensuring every detail complements your dream space.

So come and visit us, dream a little and tell us your bedroom design ideas — and we’ll make them happen for you!

    Candy Clouds Girls’ Bedroom

    Children love to swing, climb and play, and this kids’ bedroom theme allows them to do all of that, and more! With pops of rainbow colours that shine against a backdrop of calming white, this imaginative bedroom is designed with adult practicality in mind. The climbing ladder, padded swing seat, blackboard cabinet shutters and large floor rug promise hours of creative playtime, while the study desk inspires dedicated homework time.

    Color-me-fun Unisex Kids’ Room

    Beautifully put together, this boy’s bedroom is one that will grow with your child. Soft blue-and-white striped wallpaper serves as a backdrop to sturdy bunk beds, helping to balance and centre the space. The modular wardrobe design and study desk, both in a cheerful shade of lemon, complement the blue and green accents all around the room. Wall stencils of cars and planes, and football-shaped bean bags, add to the energy of the space.

    Boisterously Beige Master Bedroom

    Sleep in style in this deliciously soothing modern luxury bedroom, filled with little details that make all the difference! The wooden bed with a metal frame, spacious side units and chest of drawers follow the same design language, while the biophilic print above the bed echoes the garden views outside the window. Note how the accent wall in exposed brick adds oodles of rustic charm!

    Bright and Bohemian Master Bedroom

    Get into the sustainable lifestyle mode with this small bedroom design that checks all the boxes for low-cost, eco-friendly alternatives! Take note of the rustic ceiling beams made of recycled wood, the all-natural rug made of jute fibre, and bed covers of organic, plant-dyed cotton. Upcycled vintage chests are converted to bedside units, and the walls are finished with natural lime plaster. Tune into green living, and embrace healthy living!

    Minimally Modern Guest Bedroom

    Grey, white and black make for a neutral, yet comforting choice of colours in this contemporary guest bedroom. With modern luxury bedroom detailing that includes an arresting abstract poster above the bed, a padded bed that’s high on comfort, and floor-to-ceiling drapes and sheers, this is a charming space that’s just right for everyone. We can guarantee your guests will never want to leave!

    Spectacularly Beige Master Bedroom

    Whispering whites and pastel browns set the mood in this light-as-air bedroom theme straight out of a romantic fantasy. Organic bedcovers, a handmade wicker and paper lampshade, and jute wall hangings play on the sensibilities of sustainability enthusiasts. Wooden wainscoting on the walls and a charming wooden side cabinet add to the countryside charm. Now, this is surely a space that will inspire years of deep and dreamy slumbers!

    Simply Contemporary Master Bedroom

    Stark and yet welcoming, this industrial-style bedroom theme features a walk-in closet area with transparent floor-to-wall shutters and plenty of storage space. Soft grey accents in the bed linen soothe and relax, while the startling pink bedside cabinet echoes the abstract artwork and single bold pillow on the bed. The expanse of white walls and muslin sheers maintain the cohesive look of the room.

    Officially Fabulous Master Bedroom

    A palette of blue-grey, beige, brown and white is an excellent choice for a bedroom, and this lovely room is a case in point! Allowing you to relax and unwind at the end of a tiring day, this soft and soothing space refreshes as it restores. Louvred shutters on the wooden wardrobe design add a clever transitional touch, while the white trims on the walls and furniture lend an almost nautical air to the design.

    A Tryst With Browns Master Bedroom

    Dark and earthy, this brown-themed modern luxury bedroom promises many nights of deep, restful sleep! The brown and black colour palette grounds and balances the energy in the room, and is contrasted against soft white furnishings that lend freshness and brightness. High-gloss cream wardrobe shutters are set into the wall, reflecting light and enhancing the space in the room. Materials and textures are cleverly layered for a look of sophisticated luxury.

    The Royal Welcome Guest Bedroom

    This lovely, welcoming small bedroom design plays on patterns and textures to wrap you in a warm Hygge hug. Pile on the cushions, and sink into the comfort of the lovely daybed beside the window. Watercolours of plants add visual interest to the beige silk walls, while the soft sheers and dramatic grey drapes at the window anchor the look. Nested tables come in handy at the bedside.

    Boys Will Be Boys Teenage Bedroom

    Bright and energetic, this teenager’s bedroom uses a palette of red, white and black for a lively touch. Distressed white paint on the exposed brick wall behind the bed dials down the drama and adds softness to the bold furniture and eye-catching rug. Floor-to-ceiling sliding door wardrobe designs reflect the colours in the room. We can guarantee that the young man in your life will love to come home to this spunky, vibrant room every evening!

    Grey-t Expectations Bedroom

    This bedroom theme uses graphic patterns and abstract artwork to make a bold, no-nonsense statement. The highly functional platform bed comes with a grey quilted headboard and open storage below the foot of the bed for shoes, collectables and other knick knacks. The stunning bedside lamps add a modern touch, while the handloom rug is warm underfoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I design a bedroom layout?

    Your bedroom is the one space in your home where you can let down your hair and truly relax! As such, it should be designed as a haven for unwinding and relaxation. Here are some tips to get you started on your dream bedroom interior design:

    • Keep in mind the size and shape of your room. Take into account the location of doors and windows and electrical points.
    • Next, consider what items of furniture you would need in the room. The bed, side units, wardrobe, dresser unit and perhaps a work desk and a wing chair are all good to have.
    • Sketch some potential layouts with furniture placement to see what flows best.
    • Think about traffic flow and where the main focal point, which is usually the bed, will be positioned. The rest of the bedroom interior design can be worked around this.
  • How can I maximise storage in a small bedroom?

    Without adequate storage, your bedroom is likely to get very cluttered; and if your bedroom is small to begin with, it could quickly turn into chaos! Here are some bedroom interior design ideas to maximise storage in a small space:

    • Make the most of vertical space with wall-mounted shelves, cabinets, and floating nightstands. When the floor is left free, your room will appear more spacious than it is.
    • Think multifunctional, to make the most of your small bedroom interior design! Beds with deep drawers below are a godsend, as are ottomans with hidden storage, window seats with cabinets below, and a headboard with built-in shelves.
    • Use the space behind the door to hang shoe organisers, racks for shoes and scarves, and to store other frequently used essentials.
    • Take the wardrobe all the way to the ceiling by adding a loft where you can stash away suitcases, boxes and seasonal items.
    • A Murphy bed that folds up against the wall when not in use can stretch space in even the smallest of bedrooms!
  • How can I personalise my bedroom design?

    This is your private space, and your bedroom interior design should be all about you! Showcase what you love — if you have a hobby, put it on display, and if you love to collect things, make a gallery wall!

    Lighting can make all the difference to your bedroom décor. Hang a string of fairy lights over the bed, or use lamps with interesting shades or coloured glass to add visual interest.

    Choose furnishings that mean something to you! A handcrafted quilt, a colourful rug picked up on your travels, or cushion covers that have been embroidered add the personal touch. Choose artwork and artefacts that speak to your heart, and pick a colour palette you love.

  • How can I design a small bedroom?

    With small bedrooms becoming the norm, some clever design hacks are called for, especially in your master bedroom design! Try these:

    • Light and airy: Keep the walls and furniture light-coloured to make the room feel bigger.
    • Mirrors, mirrors on the wall: Strategically placed mirrors can create the illusion of more space in your small bedroom interior design.
    • Reflective surfaces: Not just mirrors, your wardrobes too can have high-gloss finishes that reflect and bounce around the light in the room.
    • Keep windows open: Instead of weighing down the windows with heavy curtains that cut out the light, consider leaving them open to maximise outdoor views and enhance light and ventilation. If privacy is a concern, think of having one-way glass that does not allow anyone to look inside.
    • Scale down furniture: Look for smaller furniture pieces to avoid overwhelming your bedroom design.
  • Which style is best for my bedroom?

    Think about your vibe. Your bedroom design should reflect your personality and allow you to simply be yourself. Do you prefer a calming and serene space, a modern and minimalist one, or a warm and rustic retreat? Browse online resources and magazines to find styles you like! Here are some bedroom design ideas:

    • Minimalist: Serene and clutter-free, a minimalist bedroom design is one that’s pared down to just the essentials. Colours are muted, perhaps with a pop of colour to dial up the aesthetics. Furniture is sleek and streamlined, with an accent on functionality. Gleaming chrome or glass furniture can also add a modern touch.
    • Scandinavian: Scandi style is a take off on minimalism, but introduces the concept of hygge: oodles of warmth, layers and textures that add comfort to the starkness of minimal spaces. Scandinavian designs are all about natural light and organic textures—think light coloured wood, fluffy wool and natural stone.
    • Industrial: Raw and unfinished, an industrial bedroom harks back to loft-style spaces. Exposed brick walls, unfinished cement ceilings and bare beams are the hallmark of this distinctive style that’s very popular among the younger crowd. Add pops of colour for pleasing visuals, and throw some metallic light fixtures into the mix.
    • Traditional: This bedroom design style is all about comfort and familiarity. Warm colour palettes (creams, beiges), cosy furniture like wingback chairs, and traditional patterns like florals and paisley find their way into this bedroom. This theme is great for creating a sense of peace and nostalgia, perfect for the older couple!
    • Bohemian: If you love a touch of the unconventional, boho is for you! Get ready to embrace your free-spirited side. Mix and match patterns and textures, incorporate global-inspired decor like woven rugs and macrame wall hangings, and don't be afraid of colour! Anything goes, but it takes a practiced eye to put it all together for a cohesive look.
  • Why is bedroom design important?

    Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. At the end of a long and tiring day, it feels great to be able to relax in a space that is truly your own. A well-designed bedroom allows you to sleep comfortably and wake up totally refreshed. And when you consider that we all spend a third of our lives in bed, you can understand just how important your bedroom design really is!

    And it’s not just about the look and feel of it. Your bedroom interior design should also be completely functional, with all the storage you need to keep things organised. A thoughtfully designed bedroom layout allows for easy movement, with furniture and furnishings that reflect your personality and add comfort and convenience.

    And in the end, do remember, it's your space! Have fun and experiment to create a bedroom that you love.