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wardrobe designs for bedroom

Upgrade your bedroom with HomeLane's designer wardrobes! We're your one-stop shop for trendy and functional wardrobe design solutions. We offer a stunning selection of modern wardrobe designs that are not only beautiful but built for functionality. Go beyond aesthetics and add practicality, with our ergonomically designed wardrobe interior design.

We offer a variety of customisable wardrobe design ideas, including hanging rods, pull-out drawers, shelving units, and compartments – all designed to stretch your storage and keep your clothes organised with ease. Whether you're searching for a space-saving and affordable storage solution for a compact room or a luxurious walk-in closet, HomeLane has the best wardrobe designs you’ve ever seen!

Our user-friendly wardrobe designs are stylish and trendy, guaranteed to transform your bedroom into a clutter-free, stylish sanctuary you’ll never want to leave! Explore our collection of modular wardrobes, featuring a wide range of colours, finishes, and materials to find the perfect fit for your style and storage needs.

    Mathis Straight Hinged Door Wardrobe in Fumed Oak

    Step into your very own personal retreat, with a lovely bedroom that’s wrapped in the beauty of wood. Timeless and elegant, this oak wardrobe will add a special touch to any modular bedroom. The versatile design incorporates shutters and drawers for ease of use and convenient access, and the wardrobe internal design can be tailored to suit your needs.

    Size | 8'

    Mackinley Straight Wardrobe in Tuscan Wenge

    Here’s a bedroom that you’d love to wake up to every single morning! Wenge wood is an all-time crowd favourite, and the rich texture of its grains are the highlight of this simple and sleek wardrobe door design. The bold coloured accent wall makes a gorgeous backdrop, showcasing the beauty of the wood.

    Size | 8'

    Lennon Straight Wardrobe Design in Deep Kangaroo Blue

    Reminiscent of the deepening evening sky, this magical shade of blue is a top pick for a tranquil bedroom. This thoughtfully designed wardrobe door design features open and closed shutters, incorporating an open space to hang jackets for everyday use. Deep drawers that open to the outside afford extra convenience.

    Size | 8'

    Spruce Straight Hinged Door Wardrobe Design

    Light coloured woods are the favourite picks in an interior designer’s lookbook, and it’s easy enough to see why!.Finished in light-coloured spruce laminate, this wooden wardrobe design is versatile enough to blend well with classical or modern decor themes, accents and accessories. Balance it with a warm or cool colour palette, and it will look just as good either way.

    Size | 8'

    Willow Straight Hinged Door Wardrobe Design

    Bring the peacefulness of a forest glade into your bedroom, by opting for this enchanting green straight wardrobe. High on utility and low on cost, this is the perfect style option for those looking for a burst of freshness in the bedroom! Easily customised to suit any space, regardless of size or scale, this master bedroom wardrobe scores high on the popularity gradient.

    Size | 8'

    Lapis Straight Wardrobe in Walnut Rigato and Bronze Walnut

    Bring traditional charm to your interior design with this two-tone hinged wardrobe that pairs rich cream with walnut wood, creating visual interest through contrast.The deep horizontal drawers below are just right for storing items that need to be easily accessed. The loft above extends to the ceiling, adding valuable storage space for boxes and suitcases.

    Size | 8'

    Fresno Straight Wardrobe in Horizon and Santa Oak

    Dark oak wood combines with stark white, making an arresting visual pairing in this stunning dual-tone wardrobe.The wardrobe internal design is spacious, opening up the possibility of designing separate sections for you and your partner. Sleek and stylish vertical handles accentuate the height, adding to the modern aesthetic.

    Size | 8'

    Cypress Straight Hinged Door Wardrobe in Fumed Oak

    The warmth and the beauty of wood is brought to the forefront in this lovely wooden wardrobe design, that uses wood lookalike laminates to capture the timeless essence of dark oak. This versatile design can be customised to suit any size or scale of bedroom, and will fit in easily with both traditional and modern Nordic-style decor themes.

    Size | 8'

    Morina Straight Hinged Door Kids’ Wardrobe

    Your little one’s wardrobe design does not have to feel juvenile. An all-white wardrobe will grow with your child, and creates a neutral backdrop for pops of dazzling colour in the rest of the room. Here, a compact study desk is inbuilt into the unit and sits neatly below the window, making the best use of available space in the room.

    Size | 8'

    Oriana Straight Hinged Door Wardrobe

    Children’s rooms give your imagination free rein, and this lovely bedroom puts a fun spin on every childish fantasy! The contrast of bold violet against stark white makes for a unique and impactful colour contrast in this small modular wardrobe that encourages your kids to neatly put away their clothes and toys. Use shades of blue and white around the room to tie up the look.

    Size | 8'

    Avellano Straight Wardrobe in White

    Whenever you’re in doubt, turn to white! This elegant wardrobe is stunning in its simplicity, and is guaranteed to lend an open and spacious feel to any space. Do up the rest of your modern luxury bedroom with colourful accents and accessories to showcase the simple beauty of white.

    Size | 8'

    Alerce Straight Wardrobe in Fumed Oak

    Looking for modern bedroom designs that are high on aesthetics and functionality, too? Here, a spacious chest of drawers with a mirror is inbuilt into this rich cream wardrobe. The additional loft space can be put to good use to store large, bulky items. Make sure to paint the room in lovely deep colours to make a striking statement!

    Size | 8'

    Hawthorne Straight Hinged Door Wardrobe in Santa Oak

    Fresh, clean and bright, this straight wardrobe wrapped in gorgeous oak wood is everything you could ever ask for! With custom wardrobe internal design that’s tailored to suit your every need, and a sleek and streamlined facade, this wardrobe exemplifies the ‘less is more’ mantra and perfectly suits a minimalistic palette.

    Size | 8'

    Ariste Straight Wardrobe in Tuscan Wenge

    Thumbs up to this lovely bedroom that captures the beauty of Wenge wood, set in an earthy palette that reflects the colours of nature. Slow down the speed of life, relax and unwind at the end of a chaotic day! This small wardrobe design is simple, streamlined and minimal, allowing for easy organising of all your storage items.

    Size | 8'

    Cratis Straight Wardrobe in Muted White

    Neutral colours open up small spaces, and serve as the perfect backdrop for any colour palette, whether it's vibrant or muted! In this contemporary home interior, the warm white wardrobe nails the serene feel that’s just right for a bedroom.Choose pops of your favourite colour to accessorise this lovely space.

    Size | 8'

    Bravis Straight Hinged Door Wardrobe in Magnolia

    Pretty pistachio adds a unique look to any space. Here, it peps up this compact modular bedroom, infusing it with lively energy without getting too overwhelming. The loft and external drawers optimise the storage spaces, adding both convenience and easy access.Pair pistachio with cool grey for a lovely balance of hues in the rest of the room.

    Size | 8'

    Olivia U-shaped Hinged Door Wardrobe Design

    Three walls of this spacious walk-in closet are wrapped in eye-catching avocado green, making a stunning statement while adding great utility. Simple floor-to-ceiling wardrobe doors promote a sleek and streamlined look that falls in line with minimalistic decor sensibilities.His and Her sections can be easily carved out in the custom-fitted wardrobe internal designs.

    Size | 8'

    Plaise Straight Wardrobe Design in European Ash

    The last word in understated elegance, this long length of ash coloured wardrobes is broken by an open display panel that can be used to show off your books and other collectibles. This modular wardrobe design works well not only in a bedroom, but also in your family room or study. Pair it with shades of brown and wood for a cohesive, carefully curated look.

    Size | 8'

    Tarragona Straight Wardrobe Design in European Ash

    The colours you pick affect your moods, and add flavour to the ambience of your interior design. Light shades always create a sense of calmness, nurturing and safety, which is exactly what is needed in your bedroom! Fresh and brimming with optimism, this modular wardrobe design wrapped in white ash uses sleek, neat lines to make a stylish statement.

    Size | 8'

    Glia Straight Wardrobe Design in Magellan Vintage and Nova Grey

    Perfect for contemporary lifestyles, this lovely bedroom decor is all about simplicity and functionality. The two-tone modular wardrobe design in a yin-and-yang combo of black and white offers rich contrast and modern appeal. Long vertical handles accentuate the height, while the interplay of textures between the panels emphasises the visual definition.

    Size | 8'

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose a wardrobe layout?

    Choosing a wardrobe layout is all about creating a storage solution that fits your space neatly, and meets every one of your clothing needs. Here at HomeLane, we understand that every wardrobe design is as unique as the person using it. So, let's break down the key factors to consider:

    Size and Space:

    • Before you look at designs, take accurate measurements of your designated wardrobe area. Knowing the length, width, and height will help you to design the interior layout of your wardrobe. Pick a bare wall that is (as far as possible) without doors, windows and electrical points.
    • Consider how much hanging space you need for long dresses, shirts, or pants. Do you require drawers for folded items or open shelves for accessories? Would you rather hang up your clothes, or keep them folded?
    • Do keep in mind that hinged doors require extra clearance when opening; while sliding doors save space, but will limit access to the entire contents of the wardrobe at a time.

    Your Needs:

    • If you have a lot of clothes and accessories, prioritise hanging space, open shelves and lockable drawer sections for different categories of clothes.
    • If you’re short on space, a streamlined layout with open shelves and hanging rods might suffice.
    • If you love shoes and bags, incorporate dedicated shoe racks, pull-out trays, or compartments or cubbies to display your belongings.

    HomeLane offers a variety of configurations, from floor-to-ceiling wardrobes to compact corner units, to make sure that your dream wardrobe idea becomes a reality!

  • Can you get walk-in wardrobe designs for small rooms?

    Absolutely! Walk-in wardrobes aren't just for large bedrooms. At HomeLane, we can custom-curate walk-in wardrobe designs that maximise space efficiency in even compact rooms. Here's how:

    • We can create L-shaped or U-shaped walk-in wardrobes that hug corners or walls, leaving ample room for other furniture.
    • Sliding or bifold doors eliminate the need for door swing space, making them ideal for smaller areas.
    • Strategically placed open shelves can create a feeling of spaciousness, while at the same time offering easy access to frequently used items.

    With a free consultation, our designers will assess your space and personal style to create a bespoke walk-in wardrobe that feels luxurious without sacrificing precious square footage. So, don't let a small room hold you back from achieving your walk-in wardrobe dreams!

  • What should I consider when planning my wardrobe interior design?

    Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when planning the interior of your wardrobe:

    • What are the different types of clothes you will be storing? Make a list. Plan dedicated sections for hanging clothes, folded items, and accessories. Utilise drawers for pajamas and tees, undergarments, socks, or delicate pieces. A lockable drawer for jewellery or valuables is a good idea.
    • Do keep in mind that your storage needs will evolve over the years, and your wardrobe must adapt! Having adjustable shelves and hanging rods allows you to change the interior to suit your evolving space requirements.
    • Clutter build-up is all too real. Use drawer dividers, shelf risers, or hanging organisers to maintain order within compartments and keep things from getting messy.
    • Every inch of space is precious. Include pull-out drawers or baskets at the base for shoes or bags. Add loft units next to the ceiling for luggage or rarely used items.
    • It’s always nice to add LED strip lights or small spotlights within the wardrobe, to make it easier to choose outfits.

    Talk to your designer about how each section will be used, and they’ll help to craft a bespoke wardrobe interior design that meets all your storage needs!

  • What features should I look for in the best wardrobe designs?

    The best wardrobe designs go beyond aesthetics, offering a perfect blend of functionality, space optimisation, and style. Look for these features:

    • Adjustable shelves and hanging rods to cater to different clothing lengths and storage preferences.
    • Modular components that allow for easy reconfiguration as your wardrobe needs change.
    • A combination of hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and pull-out trays that provide dedicated spaces for various clothing types and accessories.
    • Shoe racks or compartments to keep footwear organised and dust-free.
    • High quality materials and excellent workmanship.
    • Integrated lighting for a luxe feel.
    • Finishes that complement your bedroom décor theme.
    • Soft-close doors and drawers to prevent slamming and make your wardrobe easier to use.

    HomeLane’s design experts will help you to pick the features that matter most to you, based on your usage and your storage needs.

  • What materials and finishes are popular in modern wardrobe designs?

    Here at HomeLane, we offer a variety of trendy materials and finishes to elevate the look and feel of your modern wardrobe designs:

    • For the wardrobe carcasses, we use only premium MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard), HDHMR (High-Density, High Moisture-Resistant) boards, Moisture-Resistant Plywood and Particleboard. These are popular choices for their affordability, durability and easy workability.
    • The finishes we use include matte and high-gloss laminates in a variety of colours, textures and patterns, as also acrylic paints, membrane foils and PU paints.
  • What are the current trending bedroom wardrobe designs?

    Trends in wardrobe design keep evolving, and here at HomeLane, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest styles. Here are the wardrobe design ideas that are setting new trends in the interior décor world:

    • Sliding Doors: Perfect for maximising space in a compact room, sliding doors with mirrored shutters offer a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.
    • Glass Accents: Frosted or clear glass panels on doors or shelves add a touch of sophistication and lightness to the design.
    • Recycled Materials: Wardrobes made from recycled wood or bamboo offer an eco-friendly option without compromising on style.
    • Natural Finishes: Light woods, natural textures, and woven elements bring a touch of nature into the bedroom.
    • Multi-Functional Designs: Wardrobes that incorporate built-in dressing tables, workspaces, or vanity areas optimise space and functionality.

    We stay ahead of the curve to offer you the latest trends in wardrobe design! Get the most stylish storage solutions, only from HomeLane!