Best Wardrobe Designs in Salem

Wardrobe design Salem

Looking for wardrobe designs in Salem? We understand that everyone's storage needs are unique, and that's why we offer a wide range of wardrobe solutions in Salem that can be tailored to perfectly align with your space and requirements.

HomeLane wardrobes are the perfect blend of functionality and good looks, designed to meet even your smallest storage need. We offer a variety of colours, finishes, and materials to create a stylish and modern look that complements your existing décor. Our wardrobes are crafted with high-quality materials and construction, ensuring they'll last for years to come. And best of all, our designs are offered at competitive prices, making them a budget-friendly option for any homeowner!

If you’re looking for the best wardrobe designs in Salem, there’s no two ways about it—HomeLane is your number one choice! Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution—get the best modular wardrobes Salem has ever seen. Step into a HomeLane Experience Centre in Salem today!

    Moody and Mustard Floor-to-Ceiling Hinged Door Wardrobe

    Recreate the ambience of a sunshine-filled morning with this perky mustard and grey bedroom closet. This much-loved colour pairing has made it to the top of every designer’s lookbook, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this look, too! Colour-match the bed covers and accessories in the room for some sunny cheer. The mirror on the wardrobe door is a very useful addition to a compact bedroom.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Crimson and Beige Kids’ Wardrobe with Open Storage

    Perk up your little one’s room with pops of scarlet, and let his creativity soar high! Red and beige create a lively colour story in this child’s bedroom closet. The open panel of shelves, wrapped in red, showcases your tiny tot’s collection of toys, standing out in contrast to the light cedar shutters alongside.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Pink Panache Hinged Wooden Wardrobe with Study Table

    Delicate beige and bubblegum pink weave a colourful narrative in this lively bedroom cupboard that every child is sure to love! Homework time will be anything but boring, when your little one sits down to her books at this pretty little desk. This delightful space is filled with the ambience of spring, with its pink accents and cheerful kiddie wallpaper.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Spear Mint Green Hinged Door Wardrobe in a Wooden Finish

    Green is one of your safest colour choices for a bedroom palette that’s restful and comforting. Fill your bedroom with the freshness of mint, by opting for this delightful green and cream combo. This 2-door small wardrobe design extends out into a wall-hung dressing unit, perfect for those last-minute make-up refreshes. Use pops of blue in the accessories to create soothing harmony.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Dusty Brown and Yellow Hinged Door Wardrobe

    Inject some sweet sunshine into your bedroom with this eye-popping combo of neon yellow and dusty brown! This 4-door hinged bedroom closet is simple and stylish, with a dressing table incorporated into the design for added functionality. The mirror panel opens out to reveal shallow storage behind for make-up, creams and lotions.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Zesty Red and Beige Hinged Door Wardrobe

    Want to pull in some more colour into your home? Check out this popular modular wardrobe design! Bright red and beige cedar wood shutters add zest and vibrancy to this two-tone hinged straight unit. High on style but easy on the pocket, this module comes with thoughtfully curated wardrobe internals. A large mirror panel on one door stands in lieu of a separate dressing table.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Textured Brown and Indigo Blue Hinged Door Wardrobe

    This floor-to-ceiling hinged modular wardrobe design sports an exotic wooden matte finish, which is nicely contrasted against bright blue accents. There’s a mirror panel affixed to one door, offering additional functionality in a small space. Twin drawers at floor level offer extra storage for shoes and other accessories, while the loft can be used for suitcases and knick-knacks.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Creamy Latte Hinged Door Wardrobe

    Coffee and cream make the most delightful pairing in this compact two-tone wardrobe door design. Earthy palettes add balance and stability, and this made-for-each-other colour duo fits perfectly into just about any decor theme. Simple, stylish stainless steel handles are easy to use. Customise the wardrobe’s internal design to fall in line with your storage requirements.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Peppy Yellow and White Wardrobe with Study Table

    Cheery yellow adds a lovely burst of sunshine to any space. Combine it with white to tone down the brightness, add a sense of balance and get a winning palette! This three-door small wardrobe design paints this lovely bedroom with a gold-tipped brush, adding delicate style. The study table alongside is perfectly positioned and follows the same two-tone colour theme. The paisley-printed wallpaper provides the crowning touch, completing the look.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Brandy and Cream Floor-to-Ceiling Hinged Door Wardrobe

    If you’re looking for a bedroom closet design that exudes understated elegance, then this is an option you’re sure to love! Featuring hinged shutters in a pleasing combo of wood and cream, this straight wardrobe is as simple, sleek and cost-efficient as they come. Add convenience to comfort with thoughtfully detailed wardrobe internal design.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Exotic Beige Wood Grain Hinged Door Wardrobe

    An all-white bedroom theme will never go out of style! Fresh and bright, and well suited to both large and small rooms, this white wood wardrobe is every home owner’s dream come true. You can choose to add a mirrored panel and make it double up as a dresser, if space is a constraint. The loft adds valuable extra storage space.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Wood Grain and White Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobe

    Love a look of understated elegance? Then this modular wardrobe design is just your style! Silky cream shutters combine with vertical grains of white cedar to lend this functional wardrobe a clean, minimalistic appeal. A long mirror to one side allows for all those last-minute dabs of lipstick on your evening out.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Ivory and Yellow Hinged Door Wardrobe

    Yellow is a cheery accent colour that pops when combined with ivory, as we can see in this delightful small wardrobe design! The mirror panel in the middle works as a built-in dresser, with two deep drawers below. This popular colour pair is repeated in the functional study desk and storage unit alongside for a beautifully put-together look.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Mango and Cream Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobe

    A dash of luscious yellow can make all the difference to any room, as we can see in this zesty, sunshine-filled bedroom! The designer bedroom furniture is in a yellow and white colour palette that creates a lovely upscale feel without being overwhelming. Yellow accents in the wallpaper and rug continue the cheerful narrative.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Blue Gloss Multi-tone Mirrored Sliding Door Wardrobe

    High gloss blue combines with peppy yellow and sparkling white to create a delightful trio of hues in this standout contemporary home interior, where the colours do all the talking! The rest of the designer bedroom furniture follows the same theme. A mirrored sliding panel offers practical functionality, allowing a full-length view of your evening attire.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Green Mango Lacquered Glass Mirrored Sliding Door Wardrobe

    Parrot green and mango are indeed a match made in heaven; here, they come together to create a cosy, energising space unlike any other. Throw in a tan office chair, a glass-topped study desk and a mirrored sliding wardrobe, and you have the modern luxury bedroom of your dreams! The white walls and oakwood floors provide a nice backdrop that allows the pops of colours to stand out.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Blue Azure 2-Door Sliding Wardrobe

    You cannot help but feel good about going to sleep in this picture-perfect bedroom! The sliding door wardrobe design plays on the contrast between grey and azure to give off a soothing, tranquil vibe. Floor-to-ceiling shutters ensure maximum utility of space, and the wardrobe internal design can be customised to suit your storage preferences.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Lime Green and White Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobe

    Custom-curated to maximise space, this floor-to-ceiling two door bedroom closet is the last word in contemporary style. The zesty lime green panels add a dash of vibrancy to the otherwise white palette, infusing the decor with refreshing energy. The mix of open and closed shelves above the study desk are designed to hold stationery and books, and neatly tie the colours together.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Grey Coast Floor-to-Ceiling Wardrobe

    Grey is one of the favourite home interior colours in a designer’s lookbook, and for all the right reasons! The perfect neutral, grey combines beautifully with just about every other colour in the spectrum. Here, this grey and pale green two-tone panelled sliding wardrobe certainly ticks all the right boxes! This dramatic colour pairing is a popular choice among discerning homeowners.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Creamy Yellow Colour Blocked Lacquered Glass Wardrobe

    Always drenched in golden sunshine, this bedroom is beautifully worked around a lovely colour palette of pale yellow, soft cream and white cedar wood. Fitted with sliding shutters for convenience of access, the spacious bedroom closet offers a neat, modern aesthetic.The interplay of textures and patterns in the furnishings in the room draws on the same colours and adds a pop of cheerful energy to the space.

    Size | 13' X 12'

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the design and installation process take?

    The design and installation timeframe for your HomeLane wardrobe design in Salem will usually take 45 days, but could vary a bit depending on the complexity of the designs.

  • How many doors does a wardrobe come in?

    The number of doors on a HomeLane wardrobe depends on the size and design you choose. We offer various options, including sliding doors, hinged doors, and combinations of both. During the design consultation, you can discuss your storage needs and preferred access style to determine the optimal number of doors.

  • What is the perfect size for a wardrobe?

    There's no single "perfect" size for a wardrobe – it depends on the available space in your Salem bedroom and your storage requirements! HomeLane's design consultants will help you assess your needs and recommend the ideal size to maximise functionality without overwhelming your room.

  • What are some small bedroom wardrobe design ideas?

    HomeLane offers several space-saving wardrobe designs in Salem for small bedrooms. Here are a few ideas:

    • Sliding Doors: Sliding doors eliminate the need for clearance when opening, enhancing the usable floor space.
    • Wall-Mounted Wardrobes: These free up valuable floor space, creating a feeling of openness in compact rooms.
    • L-Shaped Wardrobes: Use often-wasted corner spaces, offering ample storage without sacrificing square footage.
    • Mirrored Wardrobes: Visually expand the room, creating the illusion of a larger space.
    • Lofts: Take the storage all the way till the ceiling, with loft units that can be used to store seasonal items.
  • How much does a custom wardrobe cost?

    The cost of your custom HomeLane wardrobe design in Salem depends on several factors, including the size, material selection, finishes, and complexity of the design. However, during the design consultation, HomeLane will provide a transparent cost breakdown, allowing you to make informed decisions within your budget.