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    Burnt Umber L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Here’s a contemporary simple kitchen design that combines understated brown cabinetry with pristine white in a combination that is subtle and stunning, all at once. Notice the cleverly designed closed shelving on either side of the hob, that keeps things aesthetically pleasing while ensuring that cooking essentials are within easy reach? What’s more, you can use the open shelves as pretty nooks to show off your curios and pretty stoneware. Finally, an easy-on-the-eye colour for the backsplash helps this small modular kitchen look stunningly sophisticated. Like?

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Coastal Breeze Modern Kitchen

    Simple and minimalistic, this straight white kitchen packs a tonne of functionality into a compact footprint. The kitchen cupboard designs are sleek and stylish, with cabinets that run all the way to the ceiling for maximum storage. All-white colour palettes run the risk of looking clinically austere but add unexpected pops of bright colours, like the yellow sideboard and blue chairs here, and you’ve got a space that’s unique and trendy.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Moody and Modish Studio Design

    This stunning studio apartment boasts eye-catching home interior ideas that come together to create a stylish space you’d love to call your own! Bold hunter green anchors the wall and creates a focal point behind the dining nook, while the black-and-wood kitchen features clever accessories and smartly designed storage. Black marble flooring is repeated on the kitchen counters and backsplash for a cohesive look.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Pure Elegance Kitchen And Dining

    This open kitchen and dining space is straight out of design heaven, with crisp contemporary furniture that can inspire the interior design of your entire home! The all-white palette anchors the room, with marble counters, white subway tiles and white cabinetry that are timeless classics. Cool open shelves add visual interest and allow you to display your modern collection of ceramics.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Imperial Blue U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Packed with top-of-the-line features and stylish, minimalistic aesthetics, this U-shaped kitchen design comes with a separate utility, behind a convenient partition that keeps messy cooking prep out of sight. An easy blend of open shelves and closed cabinets offers optimally designed storage, with everything in its place and yet easily accessible. The blue and white color palette is as fresh as fresh can be, showcased to perfection by the graphic patterned kitchen tile design.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Eclectic Beauty Straight Modular Kitchen

    A simple, small kitchen design in sunshiny shades never fails to please. This straight kitchen showcases a bold palette of yellow and blue, celebrating openness and expansive style. The design aesthetic dips into eclectic décor styles, with the bright patterned kitchen tile designs tying disparate elements together. The conveniently located breakfast counter offers plenty of leg space and comfortable seating, perfect for those times when you’d like to grab some coffee to go.

    Size | 27'X20'

    Purple Haze Straight Modular Kitchen

    Here’s a kitchen that will rank high on any list of luxury modern kitchen designs! Timeless and elegant, this simple small kitchen design in pastel shades is a lovely twist on stark white. Cabinets in barely-there pink and soft, soothing violet look lovely against silken white marble countertops, opening up the space and making for a light and bright aesthetic. Elements like the hob, the sink, and the refrigerator are linearly demarcated, adding to the functionality and creating a seamless workflow

    Size | 16'X10'

    Rustic Beige Straight Modular Kitchen with Island

    Parallel prep counters in kitchens are known to be the most efficient, and when they are combined with plentiful storage there’s nothing more that you could ask for! Spacious and versatile, this multi-functional parallel kitchen design with an island combines cooking, dining, and crockery display - all in one area. Featuring kitchen tile designs with simple geometric patterns and pleasing pastel shades, this kitchen decor is all about warmth, convenience, and comfort.

    Size | 18'X21'

    Industrial Edge L Shaped Modular Kitchen

    This L-shaped kitchen design uses warm and earthy colours and bold stone finishes to make an impact. The cabinetry is thoughtfully designed to make the best use of available space, with top-notch built-in appliances and plenty of storage options. The kitchen POP ceiling design features a layered mix of ambient lights, recessed lights, and spotlights. Get ready for quality family time, with space for casual dining incorporated right into the simple kitchen design.

    Size | 17X17

    Green Meadow L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Featuring cabinetry in a vibrant shade of green that truly enlivens your cooking space, the Green Meadow Kitchen is smart and stylish. Cooking is a breeze, even for larger families, in this beautifully organised L-shaped modular kitchen design that follows the rules of ergonomic styling. The upper run of cabinets in blonde wood offers warm contrast, incorporating well-designed storage solutions. Tuck away appliances in the sleek appliance garage and tall pantry unit, and keep your designer kitchen granite counters clutter-free.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Sky Blue Straight Modular Kitchen

    Streamlined style need not be cold and clinical, as this simple kitchen design proves! The adage ‘form follows function’ certainly rings true in this pastel blue laminated kitchen, where everything has its place and is designed to optimise comfort. An easy mix of closed cabinets and open shelves ensures that cooking essentials are just at hand when you need them. The plain white kitchen tile design ties all the elements together, forming a subtle, yet sophisticated backdrop.

    Size | 16' X 9'

    Soothing Summer Straight Modular Kitchen

    Bright and inviting, the vibrant colour palette in this small modular kitchen exudes peppy sunshine and good cheer. Bright chrome yellow cabinets offer a happy contrast to pale cream, the duo coming together in the kitchen cupboard design to uplift and elevate the overall vibe. Beautifully organised storage makes the most of a compact footprint; while the tiny breakfast bar is just right for a quick bite and coffee to go.

    Size | 13'X 12'

    Moody Citrus L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    A lovely pairing of citrus lime and cobblestone grey is the highlight of this L-shaped kitchen interior design. Glossy grey cabinets in the upper run vibe perfectly with the cheerful lime cabinets below the counter, while the glass-encased shelves flanking the window lighten and open up the storage space. The plain white modern kitchen tile design in the backsplash offers an elegant backdrop.

    Size | 10'X11'

    Dark Envy U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Clean, open, and functional, this streamlined kitchen interior design makes a stunning statement, with an unconventional pairing of black against lime green. Thoughtfully designed cabinetry incorporates useful storage solutions, including a tall and spacious pantry unit that maximises every inch of available space. High-gloss laminates make maintenance a breeze, as all it takes is a simple wipe-down to keep this kitchen looking as good as new!

    Size | 15' X 10'

    Dark Phoenix L-Shaped Black and Wine Red Modular Kitchen

    If you’re looking for kitchen ideas that are a cut above the rest, this one’s for you! In this L-shaped kitchen decor, black and red make a visually powerful combination, creating a stark contrast that never fails to make an impact. With a loft that runs all the way to the ceiling and a tall cabinet on one side, this design offers plenty of storage for all your kitchen odds and ends. The kitchen granite design in speckled grey and the kitchen tile design in an unassuming cream form a blank canvas for the high-contrast elements to stand out.

    Size | 11'6" X 10'

    Nature Bliss Straight Modular Kitchen

    Usher nature into your kitchen interior design with cabinets in a vibrant shade of forest green, and pair them with silken white for an elegant, streamlined look. Open shelves, also wrapped in green, are perfect for displaying pretty crockery and kitchen essentials. Beautifully organised storage makes the most of a compact footprint; while the tiny breakfast bar is just right for a quick bite and coffee to go.

    Size | 13' X 12'

    Passion Flower L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Interior lovers will adore the palette of blackcurrant and champagne white used in this kitchen. The bold print in the kitchen tile design is what really sets this kitchen decor apart, adding an artsy graphic dimension to the space. The high-gloss finish of the cabinetry makes this space a breeze to clean, as all it takes is a quick wipe-down to keep it pristine. The tall pantry unit to one side keeps groceries well organised and close at hand.

    Size | 13'X12'

    Purple Passion Straight Modular Kitchen

    The berry bunch and white combo used in this kitchen is an easy choice for those looking for an ultra-chic look. Plus, you don't have to worry about making a mess thanks to the high-gloss finish, making it a breeze to clean up. This simple kitchen design is comprised of base units, wall units and tall units, making the most of the available space in a small footprint.

    Size | 16' X 9'

    Trooper Blue L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Cook up the most delicious meals in this versatile and modern space! The trooper blue used in this simple kitchen design is a statement colour that may not be for the average homeowner. Not only will the bold choice make your kitchen decor one-of-a-kind, but it will also make it a delightful space to cook in! Notice how the elegant grey kitchen tile design complements this eye-catching hue while lending the space more depth?

    Size | 10' X 10'

    Mango Themed L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    When it comes to colour choices, the kitchen is definitely one area that you can experiment with! As delectable as a sun-ripened mango, this small modular kitchen surely commands attention. And the graphic kitchen tile design, in the meantime, quietly adds pizzazz to the design. Dish up the most delectable meals in this peppy space, with bright yellow cabinets that liven up your home and add oodles of warmth.

    Size | 10' X 10'