| Living Room Interiors

Living room designs are a reflection of personal style and taste. From modern and minimalist to cozy and traditional, there are endless possibilities for creating a space that is both functional and stylish. A well-designed living room can be the perfect place to relax, entertain guests, and enjoy time with family.
    Scandinavian and Chic Living Room Design

    Minimalism lovers are sure to rejoice in this elegant, neutral aesthetic that ticks all the boxes for brilliant Nordic design! Here’s a luxury home interior design that’s easy on the eyes, beautifully understated and yet packed with personality. From the grey couch with its medley of textured pink and grey cushions to the arresting Hygge rug and floor-to-ceiling drapes, there’s a lot to love in this contemporary living room.

    It's All About Grey Matter Living Room

    Red and grey is a combination that never goes out of style, and this colourful living room balances these hues perfectly. Neutral shades pull the living room wall design together, with the bold accent wall and tasteful pops of red in the chairs and cushions anchoring the colour palette. The entertainment unit is sleek and streamlined, with plenty of space to display choice artefacts. The choice of wallpaper is deliberately kept neutral and can be customised to suit individual preferences.

    The Grand Millennial Style Living Room

    A palette that layers earthy browns, greens and cream transforms the interiors of the living room here, infusing it with warmth and personality. The wing chair in the corner is perfect for hobbies like reading and knitting, while the sectional sofa invites you to stretch out while binge-watching the latest Netflix series! This is a space that’s created for togetherness and family fun.

    A Tinge of Earth Living Room

    Living rooms with a subtle colour palette are in high demand, and the earthy colour palette in this contemporary living room ticks all the right boxes! With the wood-encased entertainment unit as the focus of the room, the rest of the living room furniture design naturally falls in place around it. Inviting beige couches, a glass-topped coffee table and flexible pouffes bring the room together. The living room wall decor is enlivened by the use of organic rattan accents and accessories.

    Poseidon Modern Entertainment Unit with Display Space

    Add a touch of elegance to your living room with this stylish and functional entertainment centre. A palette of white against warm grey keeps the living room cabinets neutral, yet inviting. There’s ample display space in the form of open square cubbies to one side; while the long wall-mounted drawers below hold remote controls, batteries, and other essentials. The textured background in cloudy white behind the TV cleverly ties disparate elements together.

    Zeus Compact TV Unit With Storage Drawers

    Looking for living room furniture that’s stylish and elegant, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? This wood-encased entertainment unit could be just what you need! Between the open shelves and the deep drawers, there’s plenty of storage space for all your electronics and knick-knacks. The lovely grains of the wood panelling tie it all together, keeping the living room wall design clean and simple.

    Plutus Contemporary Entertainment Wall Unit

    A quirky mish-mash of open and closed cabinets lends an air of whimsy, adding visual intrigue to this cabinet design for the living room TV unit. Push-to-open shutters and handleless drawers keep the vibe simple and streamlined. Show off vintage family heirlooms and trophies on the open shelves alongside. The colour pairing of cream and dark wood is an enduring one, but you could also choose hues that match your décor palette!

    Prometheus Wall-Mounted TV Unit

    Perfect for even the smallest of rooms, this wall-mounted entertainment unit is all about minimalistic chic and helps to save on precious floor space. The TV is framed by long open display shelves above and push-to-open, handleless drawers in the bottom unit. The tall white vertical cabinet to one side adds visual balance and serves to tuck away knick-knacks. Showcase your family photos, statement artwork, and potted plants in the living room cabinets to add visual interest.

    Heracles Wall-Mounted TV Unit

    Simple yet functional, this compact entertainment centre is right at the heart of your living room wall décor, and suits rooms both big and small! Glossy white drawers hold your electronics, while a collage of wall-mounted open cubbies helps to display interesting artefacts. The false ceiling for the living room wraps up style elements for a cohesive look.

    Oceanus Wall-Mounted TV Unit with Storage

    Your living room is the perfect place to showcase your collectables, books and trophies and more! This spacious contemporary entertainment unit in a delightful combo of glossy plum and ash wood comes with ample open and closed storage. Bright pops of colour, alongside neutral tones, add a hearty dose of cheer to the design narrative. The false ceiling for the living room features rustic wooden beams that exude cosy warmth and plenty of styles.

    Hades TV Unit for Bedroom

    If you’re someone who believes in the ‘less is more’ adage, this muted bedroom theme will tick all the right boxes for you! A delightfully low-key pairing of neutrals is the highlight of this sleek entertainment centre, built to complement your contemporary home interior. Long floating shelves above the TV elevate the style quotient of the unit and can be used to display much-loved novels alongside odds and ends. The sturdy white drawers just off the ground are more spacious than you’d think!

    Cronos TV Unit for Bedroom

    Ever thought of a custom-crafted entertainment centre that doubles up as a dresser? This unit features neat white shelves and drawers that are effortlessly chic, a perfect match to your contemporary home interior. Stow away electronic gadgets, knick-knacks, and more in the deep drawers below. The dressing unit to one side is a huge value-add for a bedroom where space is at a premium.

    Attis TV Unit with Storage

    Simple lines, blonde wood and a fuss-free design language are all hallmarks of Scandinavian design, and this living room furniture gets it just right! This living room cabinet does double duty as an entertainment centre and bookcase rolled into one. There’s enough space to store books, collectables and trophies, and then plenty more! The neutral palette combines light shades of wood with beige accents for a cohesive look that’s anything but boring.

    Rhea Minimal Entertainment Unit with Storage

    This modern home interior design dials up the warmth, with its easy mix of ethnic décor sensibilities and pops of bright colour. Traditional wood tones pair with tangerine in a match made in heaven, and the duo come together against a backdrop of block-printed wallpaper in shades of rust. There’s ample space to display your collections of brass artefacts below the TV unit.

    Flex Entertainment Unit with a Modern Study Corner

    This slick, contemporary entertainment unit in grey and cream laminate is the last word in Scandinavian minimalism, and uses a polished, clean aesthetic that epitomises the ‘form follows function’ norm. The floating work desk alongside is neat and beautifully organised, with narrow drawers below and storage cabinets fitted on the wall above. Pick interior design ideas that speak to your decor sensibilities, and add a touch of class to your home!

    Aphrodite Small Entertainment Unit with Open Shelves

    Short on floor space? Floating shelves and cabinetry make the most of the walls while keeping furniture off the floor! In this trendy entertainment unit, light and dark shades of wood combine together to create a palette that pleases. There’s ample space in these living room cabinets to display decorative artefacts that reflect your personality, and to stow away gadgets and electronics as well.

    Artemis Compact Entertainment Unit

    Looking for living room cupboard designs that spell quiet elegance? Your search ends here! Dressed in a muted, pared-down combination of beige and brown, this compact TV unit offers an easy mix of open and closed storage. Both practical and stylish, this design can be easily customised and built to suit your specific needs.

    Calypso Full-Length Entertainment Unit with a Tall Storage Unit

    Looking for small living room designs that speak to your minimalistic sense of style? This entertainment centre uses light wood and a clean profile, promoting simple and streamlined aesthetics, all without sacrificing functionality. The tall unit can be used to showcase your hobbies and collectables, while the deep drawers and shelves offer useful storage space.

    Study Table with Glass Cabinet

    This sleek, compact study table is the ideal workstation for those who prefer clean, simple designs. The unit is designed with glass shutters to protect your books and other items. Keep knick-knacks on the open shelf and stationary in the drawers below. For the finish, choose light wood-tone as in the image, or pick from the hundreds of options avaialble at HomeLane.

    Wood Finish Study Table

    Wood-finish furniture will always be stylish, and this study table is designed to stand the test of time. Showcase your book collection and other collectables on the open shelves. Keep precious items that you don't want dust to collect on in the shelf with glass shutter. Stow away stationery and other small items in the drawer below.