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Transform your kitchen to the heart of your home with the help of HomeLane. From coffee dates to dinner parties, our end-to-end design and installation services will turn your kitchen into a stylish and functional space. Ready for the upgrade?
    Aprilia Straight Wardrobe in Prestige Walnut

    Shades of rich brown wood are layered against white in this lovely modular bedroom, making a calm setting for a peaceful night’s sleep. Dark wood beautifully complements larger spaces like in this spacious bedroom, lending pattern and deep colour to an otherwise neutral palette. Simple steel handles add functional aesthetics to the wardrobe design.

    Size | 8'

    Ticino Straight Modular Kitchen

    Forgoing colours in favour of a toned-down palette can result in the most stunning home interior ideas. Monochromatic looks can be anything but cold and boring, as this gorgeous simple small kitchen design shows us. Warm white cabinets offer contrast against the gleaming black kitchen granite design and slate-grey exposed brick walls. While the texture on the walls kicks up visual interest, the thoughtfully designed accessories optimise work efficiency.

    Size | 9'5"

    Cattleya Straight Modular Kitchen

    From country rustic to city chic, it’s a given that kitchens done up in creamy hues will endure the test of time. A small modular kitchen like this one will always be stylish, no matter what the current kitchen decor trends are! Do away with upper cabinets altogether and add a long shelf near the ceiling to store cooking essentials. Opt for a pretty patterned backsplash, to add some focus and elevate the aesthetics.

    Size | 11'

    Kelly L Shaped Canterbury with Oak Hardrock Maple Modular Kitchen

    Make a style statement in the heart of your home with this L-shaped contemporary kitchen interior design. The powerful combination of white and wine red used in this kitchen gives it an uber-chic look that stays fresh and is easy to maintain. The eye-catching kitchen tile design sets the tone of the kitchen decor, lending personality and depth to the space. Optimised storage keeps cooking efficient, with the help of smart space organisers that maximise functionality without compromising on style.

    Size | 12' x 8'

    Paradiso Creamy White Modular Kitchen

    Wine red adds piquant colour to this vintage-inspired kitchen that’s replete with old-fashioned charm. The pretty patterned kitchen tile design dials up the retro vibe, capturing the flavour of yesteryears. The mix of open shelves and closed cabinets maximises work comfort and ensures that condiments and spices are just at hand where you need them.

    Size | 9'5"

    Munnar L Shaped Baltimore Walnut Modular Kitchen

    Elegant and stylish, deep walnut wood never fails to make an impact, and this small modular kitchen has a timeless appeal that you’re sure to love. Pick a patterned kitchen tile design to add focus, and tone down the dazzle with a sparkling white kitchen granite design. Get set to cook up sheer happiness amidst this efficient, vintage-inspired classic kitchen decor!

    Size | 7'3" x 6'

    Rivoli L Shaped Orange and Mysore Ivory Modular Kitchen

    Breathe life into your kitchen decor with this energetic, bold-as-brass colour palette. Tangerine pairs with ivory in a lively combination, injecting this small modular kitchen with an effervescent dose of personality. Graphic patterned kitchen tile design lends pattern and style. Cooking definitely won’t feel like a chore in this vibrant, sun-kissed kitchen!

    Size | 9'5"