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Transform your kitchen to the heart of your home with the help of HomeLane. From coffee dates to dinner parties, our end-to-end design and installation services will turn your kitchen into a stylish and functional space. Ready for the upgrade?
    Sandy Shore U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Bright and brilliant, this U-shaped kitchen decor speaks to breezy shores, sunkissed sands and blue waters, and incorporates thoughtful detailing and fine aesthetics. Deep drawers and spacious cabinets are designed to tuck away pots and pans and cooking essentials. The appliance garage further streamlines storage, reducing clutter and keeping countertops free. Sunny yellow open shelves add a zesty touch and offer plenty of space to show off expensive china or curios from your travels.

    Size | 10' X 13' 6"

    French Rendezvous L-Shaped Island Modular Kitchen

    The sleek kitchen island takes centre stage in this refreshingly modern blue-and-white kitchen with clean, decisive lines. As streamlined and efficient as they come, this kitchen decor is super efficient and well organised, quite sure to steal your heart! The half pantry unit offers spacious storage for groceries, while the mix of open and closed cabinets maximises functional efficiency. The breakfast table on one side of the island is perfect for a small family to enjoy quick meals on the go.

    Size | 13' 6" X 8' 6"

    Retro Pop Straight Modular Kitchen

    Black and white is the eternal yin-and-yang combo that always wins hearts, and so it does in this popular kitchen too! In this retro-inspired design, the teal kitchen tile design takes pride of place, elevating the aesthetics of the kitchen decor by several notches. Storage is carefully considered and thoughtfully designed. The grey-speckled kitchen granite design on the countertop harks back to an old-fashioned world.

    Size | 10' X 5'

    Marigold Parallel Modular Kitchen

    To make the most out of a compact space, opt for this popular simple kitchen design that pairs light, barely-there wood grains with pops of cheerful marigold yellow. Storage is streamlined and highly functional, with each and every item having a place of its own. We can’t help but admire the way the Moroccan kitchen tile design behind the hob adds definition and style to the space, pulling the whole look together!

    Size | 9'8" X 8'0"

    Frosty White With Wenge L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    An all-white kitchen stands the risk of looking clinical and cold, but when it is combined with corner cabinets in Wenge wood then it’s a whole different story! Choose this simple kitchen design for its streamlined storage, easy maintenance and smart, contemporary vibe. The dark grains break up the white design, adding contrast and focus. The laminate surface conceals smudges and dirt, and can be quickly wiped down to keep things looking effortlessly spotless!

    Size | 10'0" X 8'0"

    Laminate Matte Parallel Modular Kitchen

    Chic and convenient, this parallel two-toned kitchen decor offers ample room for all your appliances, including a washing machine and a dishwasher, and plenty of storage for kitchen essentials. The beautiful grains of the Wenge cabinets do not easily show up smudges or cooking splatters, which is a huge plus for those who don’t have the time for frequent cleaning. Get ready to show off your beautiful china on the open display shelves!

    Size | 9'8" X 8'0"

    POP Theme L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Looking for a simple small kitchen design with a unique twist? This stunning L-shaped kitchen could be just right for you! Artfully designed with a pop theme in mind, this design contrasts stark black against tiny pops of fluorescent yellow, making a stunning statement. There’s plenty of space for all your appliances, crockery and even shelves to display your kitchen collectables. Cool has a brand new address!

    Size | 9'0" X 11'0"

    Laminate Matte L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    This laminated L-shaped simple kitchen design is a popular choice and with good reason. The thoughtfully designed deep drawers, pull-out units and cabinets eke out every inch of storage space, keeping pots and pans and appliances out of sight. The colour palette of ash wood and poster red keeps things looking chic and elegant. Cooking is no longer a chore when everything has its own place and kitchen essentials are a breeze to grab!

    Size | 9'10" X 11'0"

    Light Tone L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Practical and functional, this simple kitchen design comes in light tones that appeal to everyone. With well-defined work areas for meal prep, cooking and cleaning, this kitchen is a chef’s delight! Lovely grains of oak wood combine beautifully with pale cream in the kitchen cupboard design, making things appear spacious and light. Get ready to enjoy some quality me time, as you rustle up memorable meals!

    Size | 7’7" x 7’2"

    Muted Shade L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    This contemporary simple kitchen design comes with multiple types of storage; from closed cabinets to drawers, and pull-outs to open units. The muted tones are chic and elegant, and the layout comes with dedicated space for all your appliances, keeping the countertops free of clutter. Space-saving accessories make it easy to organise your storage, optimising functionality. Get ready to whip up your favourite recipes and have a great time while you do it!

    Size | 7’7" x 7’2"

    L-Shaped Irish Walnut and Plum Shade Modular Kitchen Kitchen

    The lovely grains of Irish Walnut offer a vivid contrast to the unique shade of plum in this luxury modern kitchen design, making it a delightful space to whip up sumptuous culinary treasures. Functionality forms the heart of this design, with an ergonomically efficient combination of open and closed units for display and storage. This kitchen features plenty of drawers and cabinets for your condiments and crockery and then some!

    Size | 12’0” X 10’0”

    Light Colored Laminate L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    The perfect space to indulge your cooking experiments, this L-shaped kitchen in cream-coloured wood uses pops of bright yellow to add some sunny cheer. Light colours make even the tiniest of kitchens look bright and spacious, and if you’re working with a compact footprint then this kitchen decor is one that you’ll surely love! Cost-effective, convenient and low on maintenance, this popular theme can be yours for the asking. Interested?

    Size | 12' x 10'

    Brazilian Walnut and Champagne Laminates L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Add enduring style to your kitchen decor with a ‘less-is-more’ aesthetic. Contrast the soft, subtle grains of Brazilian Walnut against champagne laminate for a chic, understated vibe. Check out the kitchen POP design featuring warm pendant lights that add beauty and utility. The combination of closed and open units offers up plenty of space for storage and display, making this kitchen a winner!

    Size | 10' X 12'

    Red and Black Acrylic L Shape Modular Kitchen

    Here’s a contemporary simple kitchen design that combines understated brown cabinetry with pristine white in a combination that is subtle and stunning, all at once. Notice the cleverly designed closed shelving on either side of the hob, that keeps things aesthetically pleasing while ensuring that cooking essentials are within easy reach? What’s more, you can use the open shelves as pretty nooks to show off your curios and pretty stoneware. Finally, an easy-on-the-eye colour for the backsplash helps this small modular kitchen look stunningly sophisticated. Like?

    Size | 10' X 5'

    L-Shaped White Colour Modular Kitchen

    Trendy and modern, this lime-infused simple kitchen design comes with ample space for all your cookware, condiments and culinary contraptions. And if you’re worried about using white in the kitchen, these laminates don't stain easily, so maintenance will be a breeze. Pick soft-close drawers and flap-ups and add some really cool accessories to make organising the kitchen a simple affair and cooking a favourite activity!

    Size | 8'2" X 10'6"

    High Glossed L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Designed with a contemporary theme in mind, this L-shaped kitchen decor uses shades of soft brown and champagne in finishes that are super easy to clean and maintain. The combination of open units, lift-up shutter units and glass shutters adds to the style quotient of this space, making it functional, efficient and uber-chic. You’ll enjoy making your world-class biryani or lasagne in this gorgeous space!

    Size | 7'7"X 7'2"

    L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    This stunning kitchen interior design comes packed with tonnes of storage space in an easy mix of open and closed units. Wine red corner units and lift-ups infuse the space with high energy, creating vibrant contrast against the silken champagne cabinets all around. Use the open units to store condiments you need easy access to, and to display your precious collections of crockery. Add space-saving accessories in the drawers and pull-out units to make organisation easy as pie!

    Size | 11’ X 8’3”

    White Laminate Matte L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    Cool and refreshing, this kitchen interior design is functional while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Crisp white combines with lime green in a refreshing and zesty combo, and the white kitchen granite design adds a touch of elegance. With plenty of counter space and storage for kitchen essentials and appliances, cooking in this space has to be a joy. The high-gloss laminates are very easy to maintain; they don't stain and are easy to clean. There's plenty of light in this kitchen, so you can add some succulents to the window ledge too!

    Size | 7’7" x 7’2"

    L-Shaped Smart Modular Kitchen

    This is what we call a smart kitchen. It's stylish in design and keeps the space light and airy. The laminates don't stain easily and can be wiped clean after your culinary experiments. We've waterproofed the sink unit with boiling waterproof ply. There's ample space for all your appliances, utensils, jars of condiments and more! Just add the right internal accessories and you're good to go!

    Size | 11'9" x 8'4"

    Grey Toned Marigold Pop Parallel Modular Kitchen

    This parallel kitchen with that pop of Marigold is visually light but great on storage. It’s the quintessential space to indulge your culinary experiments. The design has assigned adequate space for display, crockery and snacks.

    Size | 14'1" x 8'1"