Frequently Asked Questions

I live in the United States, how can I book my interior with HomeLane in India?

You can begin your home interiors design journey right away by interacting with our design experts online or have your representative visit us at our Experience Centres, depending on the city you are interested in. As long as you have your floor plan that you can share with our design expert, you can get a jump start on the design process with our proprietary 3D design tool. Start by booking a free online design consultation. After making the initial payment of 10% of the quoted value, your order can be booked.

Further, you can reach out to our design expert and explore our virtual interior design platform, SpaceCraft. Allowing you to visualise your home in 3D, right from your living room to your modular kitchen, this virtual platform can give you a real feel of your future home.

I live abroad, how can I meet my interior designer without visiting the Experience Centre?

Our award-winning designers are easily accessible online. If you are living abroad and can not be physically present you can start interacting with our design experts virtually or, have your representative visit us on your behalf.

You can further call or send messages on the Customer Whatsapp Group to connect with the Project Manager, Community Manager, Design Partner or the Delivery Manager for updates and queries on your ongoing projects.

Can I have a meeting at my home in India while staying abroad?

Yes, home visits by our team members are available. However, keeping safety in mind, you can always opt for online consultation and our experts will be happy to discuss and walk you through the entire process.  A contactless and safe design meet at one of our Bengaluru Experience Centres can also be set up.

How can I select materials for my design?

With our virtual interior design platform, SpaceCraft, you and your family can visualise your home in 3D, right from your living room. You can discuss and try out various colours, materials and finishes until you find the perfect match. What's more, with each change, you can see the real-time cost implications instantly.

Depending on the city you are in, you or your representative may also book an appointment to visit an experience centre/studio near you to finalize colours and materials.

How will my site be measured?

You may start by booking a free online design consultation. After your order is booked, our Project management team will visit the site along with the designers assigned to you and take all necessary measurements from the site. Your physical presence will not be required.

What will be the timelines for my project completion?

Our motto is to deliver beautiful interiors for your new home in just 45 days. 

Depending on your project requirements, your HomeLane Point of Contact will keep you posted on your project timeline.

Which are the Indian cities served by us?

Our presence across India is prominent and well-knitted. Following are the cities where we serve and have fully functional Experience Centres/Studios:

  1. Bangalore

  2. Mumbai

  3. Pune

  4. Mysore

  5. New Delhi

  6. Coimbatore

  7. Kolkata

  8. Ranchi

  9.  Ahmedabad

  10.  Surat

  11.  Hyderabad

  12.  Chennai

  13.  Indore

  14.  Lucknow

  15.  Noida

  16.  Ghaziabad

  17.  Gurgaon

  18.  Bhubaneswar

  19.  Faridabad

  20.  Jaipur

  21.  Kochi

  22.  Madurai

  23.  Nagpur

  24.  Salem

  25.  Trichy

  26.  Visakhapatnam

How is my interior design cost calculated?

The design for every project is customised by our designers based on your preferences and requirements. The pricing entirely depends on factors such as chosen materials, finish, size of the units for woodwork, appliances and other accessories. During the design process, you will be able to note instant price changes depending on these factors. The quotation you receive is itemized and is made easy for you to review.