Hostel days are some of the finest days of our lives. It’s when we get to make lifelong friends out of complete strangers and learn the ways of the world. We win some, then we lose some, but nobody can argue that it readies us for the big bad world out there.

But, then again, we sometimes miss home because even with all the fun and freedom we have, the rooms are not always great.

So, what do we do? We Improvise!

In this blog post, we will look at a few hostel room decoration ideas that will instantly make your room look extraordinary, with just a few tweaks that you can do yourself without investing in any professional help.

The Movie Theatre Feel

If you love movies, you can go for a. A few posters of your favourite movies in a frame and a few lights to highlight those frames are all you need to pull off this look.

You can also put up a “Now Showing” decal on top of the posters to complete the look. This DIY hostel room decoration idea will instantly add a punchy look to your dull hostel room, making it look like you’ve just stepped inside a movie hall.

You can also use this same idea as a living room design to add more spunk to your home. 

movie style theme for your hostel room

Time to Cherish Those Memories

When you are away from home, the feeling of being homesick can creep in sooner than you realise. That is why It’s important to keep your most cherished memories in front of your eyes.

It won’t eliminate the desire to meet your loved ones, but at least you can look at your favourite people whenever you want! 

The best place to create this hostel room design is by your desk since you would be spending a lot of time studying during your hostel days; having pictures of your close ones right before your eyes will curb that feeling of homesickness a bit, if not a lot.

You will find many examples of these kinds of hostel room decoration ideas; all you need is to personalise your own. 

diy hostel room decoration idea

Build Yourself a Customised Bookshelf

A customised bookshelf will make your room stand out from the rest of the rooms in the hostel. And if you thought that building a custom bookshelf costs a bomb, well, my friend, you are wrong.

You can find many small hostel room decoration ideas where you can learn how to create a bookshelf out of a few strong cardboard pieces and wooden planks that can be painted to resemble metal or get a few metal pieces to build a solid one for yourself.

No matter which route you choose as your decoration ideas for hostel rooms, having your own custom bookshelf will add the much-needed style and space to keep those books organised.

Not only is this one of the simple but fancy hostel room decoration ideas, but it will also look great as a bedroom wall design if you are an avid reader. 

customised bookshelf design

Wall of Fame

Hostel rooms are generally shared; in some places, they can also be on a triple-sharing basis. This next hostel room design is as attractive as it is simple to implement.

The basic idea here is that the person who is the most disciplined in terms of keeping the room neat and behaving at their best gets a place on the Wall of fame.

It’s one of those Hostel room decoration ideas that can motivate people sharing the room to do their best, and it’s also a fun activity that is peppy and looks good.

small hostel room decoration ideas

LED Strips to Light up the Space

When it comes to DIY decorations for room, LED lights have become hugely popular over the year and is ruling the roster in terms of hostel room decoration ideas.

LED lights are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and you can use them to create custom lighting for your hostel room. You can try combining them with dream catchers and further accessorise the room with custom LEDs such as stars, bells, and other shapes to make the room look even livelier.

simple hostel room decoration


Decorating your hostel room shouldn’t cost a bomb, as you may have figured with these simple hostel room decoration ideas. They are super easy to implement and will create a distinct look even if you decide to implement them in your bedroom design.

If you want more DIY ideas on decorating your hostel room, Homelane has some of the coolest ideas that can help you redecorate your room in style. So, get going and give your room the look it deserves!


1. How to Decorate My Hostel Room?

Some popular hostel room decoration ideas are to accessorise your room with lights, plants, photo frames, and memory walls, among a host of other ideas. The most important thing is to set your imagination free and let it work its magic.

2. Will I have to Invest in Expensive Accessories or Fittings?

No, you won’t don’t need to spend a bomb. As you can see, all the ideas are DIY concepts that are quite affordable and easy to implement.

3. What if I want to Redesign my Hostel Room Completely? 

DIY concepts are perfect for hostel rooms, and any major renovations likely won’t be permitted by your college/university. But you can always try putting up wall carpets, paintings, faux wood flooring, etc. if you are really keen on turning your room around completely.

4. How Did You Decorate Your Hostel Rooms during Your College?

When I was in the hostel, I and my roommate weren’t big fans of bright lights as we preferred more of a cafe-type setup to differentiate our room from the other kids in the hostel. So, we choose to go with a few fancy hanging lights and lots of cafe shop-style pictures on the walls to make the room come alive.

It added a lot of energy to the room, helping us focus better without boredom.

diy decorations for room

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