Modular Kitchens

Looking for the simplest, most functional and cost-effective way to set up your kitchen? Go modular! Modular kitchens are bringing convenience and style to houses and apartments across the country now, and here’s your chance to add some of that to your own home.

Getting started We provide modular kitchens in a multitude of shades, finishes and layouts. Our team of interior designers will give you ideas and suggestions on style and colour free of cost, and we also give you the option of getting a complete visual representation of how it looks through 3D models.

Choose your finish You’ll find that the range of possibilities in finishes – laminates and veneers, allow you to choose your style without hiking up costs. A wood-grain finish will give you that classic style, while a glossy laminate makes for a vibrant contemporary-style kitchen that lights up your interiors. Looking for something more individualistic? Go for a combination of the two, or a subtle matte finish – the options are endless, and we allow for total customisation. If you do go for colour, your range of choices are immense. We offer everything from softer shades to vivid solid colours that make bright contrasts. Choose based on complements or contrasts, depending on your wall colours and how you want to harmonise your kitchen with the rest of your home interiors.

Choose your layout Modular kitchens come with a few options in terms of layout, and our team of interior designers will help you choose the best layout for your kitchen space. The options include the ever-popular L-shaped kitchen, a parallel kitchen layout, a single-wall kitchen for those who are working with smaller spaces, and kitchen islands for those who want something truly contemporary, with an open kitchen layout and plenty of space! We factor in your functional requirements, the space you have and the design you want, creating a truly customised unit that will match all of your needs.

Know your materials Another vital benefit to modular kitchens is the high product quality and standardisation. All our kitchens are factory-made, with world-class machinery. We use waterproof materials to construct the kitchen body, and give you a choice of finish for the shutters. The materials used, as well as the hardware, all come from tried and tested brands, and what’s more, we provide a five-year warranty for our furniture.

The process We aim to deliver our kitchens within 45 days of the order being placed. All you need to do is interact with our designers, map out your requirements, and choose the option which works best for you, in terms of design, style and cost. Once this is done, we’ll work to get your kitchen to your home within the stipulated time, and we’ll also keep you updated on the process and let you know about which stage of completion the project is in, at specific intervals. After that, it’s all about setting up, sitting back and taking in the sight of your new kitchen!

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