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How to achieve timeless style in your home decor

The right digital marketing team backing anything — from trends to anything with a hashtag prefixed to it — can take the world by storm these days. These hashtags engulf every aspect of human consumption, from music and food to travel, fashion and most definitely interior decor. But here’s the catch: for a country like ours where homes are an aspirational purchase, does the average upper-middle class — the 9-5 workforce — have the time or resources to update their home decor in keeping with trends? So the question is, for the average Joe who wants a play safe, is there something that remains truly timeless when it comes to interior design and decor?

Well, YES.1473141802466

The simple pairing of white and wood creates a sense of natural ease lending a calm and clean aura. It can be attached to a number of different styles: modern, rustic, traditional, eclectic and yet, it is elusive and seemingly contradictory, rough and refined all at once. It is an appreciation of form and material, a celebration of the natural and irregular.1473142003947

In a world of constantly shifting trends, imagine your timeless wood and white decor “as the serene feeling that is experienced when in an old garden in which the moss has, over time, crept, unrestrained, into all the spaces in between. The garden is pervaded by a natural beauty, not cultivated, it is the beauty of the element itself, being what it is, being as it should. Beneath the surface there is more than meets the eye, an intrinsic meaningfulness or depth.”


I qoute this from Shibusa, an old Japanese book on moss gardening and wonder at how accurately the verse captures the timelessness of a wood and white decor. If you’re out of ideas or confused about the decor, this white on wood is your safest bet.
— Shoubhik Hore, Design Head, HomeLane

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