Watch Out For These Apps: Things Just Got A LOT More Interesting Around Your Home!

Are things looking a little boring around your home? Are things becoming routine at home, with not much excitement? Yeah, it happens to everyone. You’re thinking, ‘just go out and have a little fun’ right? There is only one problem with that though- you still have to come back home! Ok well let’s swap the furniture around a little then, maybe that will spice things up? Nope, you just put the boring back into a different spot.

Scratching your head yet?

Well don’t worry, it’s easy to feel a little bothered and clueless by how ‘boring’ something as inanimate and intimate as a home can be, but it happens, and the good news is, that there are plenty of ways to spice up your home, and you can begin with your phone! There are tons of apps that can help you reinvent your living space. Let’s check a few out shall we?


Living Room and Decorating Ideas

Ever heard of Living Room and Decorating Ideas? Sure, sounds pretty cliché right? But it’s a good app! This apps shows you images of different themes for all different types of homes, so not only can you find the ideas that fit you and your home, but you can also save the images and share them with others living with you, good start, yes? But maybe redecorating your whole house is too much, maybe you want something simpler, or even if you do redecorate, maybe you want to do a little more to give it that extra edge. Well, let us tell you, the future is here, around you and you can control it right from your cell phone or any smart device!

There are tons of apps that interact with gadgets and appliances for your home. Maybe a few of the following will work for you, and help you make your home, just a bit more entertaining.



This device is small, affordable, and pretty convenient. It interacts with your TV, the internet, and their Chromecast app. It fits right into your TV’s HDMI port, and with it you can basically turn your regular TV into a smart TV by allowing you to stream many forms of entertainment right to your TV, with your smart device as the remote control! With Chromecast, you can access the following apps on your TV: YouTube, Google Play Movies, Wynk, YuppTV, Eros Now, NDTV, TED, Plex, Spuul and many more. As of now the Chromecast is listed on sale at 2,624.00 on and the app is free. Now that’s a deal!

Amazon Echo

If you really want to bring the future home, take a look at the Amazon Echo. The Echo is like your little home assistant/friend. You can talk to it, and you know what? It talks back! Ask questions about the weather, or sports, or any random question for that matter and it will answer in a timely manner. The Echo can play music for you and remind you of important things you have to do. Yes, you can talk to it, but you gain even more control with the Amazon Elexa app that interacts with it, and this app is free! The Amazon Echo is listed on Amazon.In at 21,990.00.

There you have it, proof that your home, is no longer just dependent on furniture and wall-hangings to keep it interesting anymore, there’s a world of virtual apps and gadgets that can take your comfortable abode to the next level! What do you think? Know of better apps for your home? Tell us about them!

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