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Unusual Ways to Set Your Table for Diwali

If you have guests coming home this Diwali or simply want to treat your family to a delicious meal, we’ve got some new tricks to help you set your table. Interesting bits of decor can sometimes make your food look like a visual treat too. The best part of these tricks is that you don’t have to break your Diwali shopping budget.


Trick 1: Banana leaf bouquets

Buy around 10 Banana leaves and roll them like how you would make a paan, place each rolled leaf inside each other till it’s big enough to look like a bouquets. See, it’s easy! Make 3 of these and place them on your table. This DIY looks traditional and classy.

Trick 2: Light Jars

Have empty glass/jam jars or glass bottles at home? Remove the labels, wash and dry them.  Stuff battery operated fairy lights into the jars. Place them on either ends of the table to give it a a dash of Diwali.

Trick 3: Dry-fruit Dreams

While you cook your Diwali meal and sweets, keep aside empty walnut and pista shells, they can add an interesting element on your Diwali dinner table. Use a bright coloured table cloth and use empty shells around your kheer and sweet dishes.

Have a trick up your sleeve? Tell us in the comments below.





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