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This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Home Some Love

Valentine's Day Special

Valentine’s Day Special

We perfectly understand if you’re too cool for pink roses and red hearts. So are we. And even if you have a sneaking fondness for them, we still think that it’s good to spread the love around a little, and any opportunity to add a little more comfort and bring a more positive energy into your home must be grabbed.

Here are some ways to add that spark of affection and gratitude to your home space:

Say it with flowers

Say it with flowers

Say it with flowers

And we don’t mean a bunch of pink roses. Collect wild flowers, small branches, steal a few from your neighbour’s garden and fill up those vases with a mix of colours. Place them everywhere — on your breakfast bar, in the bathroom, on the kitchen window — places that don’t usually get a lot of attention.

Clear out those neglected storage shelves

Organise your shelves

Organise your shelves

Try using patterned paper for lining and then arrange your pots and jars into some semblance of harmony. If you’ve always thought of storage as a boring functional thing, then try for pretty – it’ll really change the way you approach it – not to mention keeping those spaces clean and updated.

Keep your memories interesting.

Wall display of photos

Wall display of photos

If you’ve got a lot of photo frames crushing your console, it’s time to do a little re-organising. Put up those travel selfies, pin them to your fridge or create a memory board with everything from doodles to scribbles to photographs.

Replace worn-out covers and drapes


If you’ve been ignoring frayed drapes and faded cushion covers, then it’s time for a mini-makeover. Try for fresh colours and textures, and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised when you come home in the evening (for a couple of weeks at least).

Fix the things that are broken or damaged

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Leaky taps, wonky plug-points, damaged cabinet shelves – we tend to tolerate these things for way too long. Go on a maintenance binge – get everything fixed and find yourself just that little bit less annoyed, on an everyday level.

Take an interest in your balcony or garden.

shutterstock_282159770 (1)

Are your outdoor chairs collecting dust? Do you find yourself staying indoors most of the time? Do up your balcony with spaces to sit, read – you can even add a closed bookshelf if you have the space. Water the plants, or bring in some plants if you haven’t bothered with that before. Make your garden attractive and beautiful.

After all, who says that love is a one-way thing? The more care you give to your home, the more comfort and security it gives you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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