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This Navratri, Decorate Your Home with 9 Colours

Navratri 2016 is just around the corner and most of you have already blocked your calendars. Some for fasting, others for feasting. But what about home décor? Besides cleaning and organising a Dandiya party, can you think of anything new this Navratri? We bring you a 9-day Navratri colour guide to follow this season:

October 1st 2016 – Red

Also known as Pratipada, the colour for the first day of Navratri represents action and robustness. Being a warm colour, it’s advisable to use subtle shades of red in your home so that it does not look loud. Red cushions will look splendid on light-coloured sofas. You could also use red candles as part of your living area décor.decorating-decor-fall-red-cushions-decorating-fabrics

October 2nd 2016 – Royal Blue

Depicting powerful yet calm energy, royal blue is the colour for the second day of Navratri. A blue lamp shade in the corner of your bedroom can be a head-turner. If you don’t have one, create a painting. Dab cotton in white paint, create polka dots with it on a royal blue chart paper. Paste it on a wall and voila your painting is ready.royal blue and white bedsheets

October 3rd 2016 – Yellow

Epitomising bravery and beauty, yellow marks the colour for the third day of Navratri. Being a vibrant hue, you can add a dash of yellow in every room of the house. How about introducing a yellow crockery set in your kitchen? Not only will it add more colour to your kitchen, but also ensures you don’t have to deal with those unwanted turmeric stains.  yellow crockery for kitchen

October 4th 2016 – Green

Plants, plants and more plants. If you’ve been thinking about having an indoor plant, act now. Representing vegetation, green is the colour of the day for you. From bonsai to fern, cacti to spider plant, it’s about time you bring some indoor plants to your home.

October 5th 2016 – Grey

Worshipping Goddess Durga with her infant Lord Karthik, the fifth day of Navratri depicts the vulnerability of a mother. If you have a stainless steel kitchen, you are all set for this day. If not, pull out those old grey trunks and adorn it with colourful coasters or dupattas. You could place it either in the foyer area or at the center of your home.

October 6th 2016 – Orange

Representing courage, orange is the colour for the sixth day of Navratri. An easy way to deck up your home is to use some marigold garlands in your prayer room or create a Rangoli using marigold petals and rangoli powder.prayer room or create a Rangoli using marigold petals and rangoli powder

October 7th 2016 – White

It is believed that Goddess Durga was dressed in white to keep her devotees safe. Exhibiting peace, white can be used in many ways for home décor. From accent chairs to entertainment units, lamp shades to a grand chandelier, pillows to curtains; white offers myriad home décor options for you.

October 8th 2016 – Pink

Ashtami or the eighth day of Navratri epitomises a new beginning, beauty and grace with pink being the colour of the day. You could place a pink lotus near the idols in the prayer room, get pink carnations for your living area and maybe a pink bed sheet for your carnations for your living area

October 9th 2016 – Sky Blue

Depicting nature and blissfulness, much like the clear sky, light blue is the colour for the ninth day of Navratri. Being a light hue, use it in those areas where less dust gathers so that the colour stands out neatly. A throw might be a better option than a rug. So is a painting than a wallpaper.

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Happy Navratri!

Disclaimer: The colours adopted may differ on different days of Navratri across the country. This is only a basic guide for your reference.

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