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The One Question I Always Get Asked: HomeLane’s CEO Answers

Everyone has that one question that follows them through life, whether it’s from well-wishers, curiosity-mongers or impassive observers. In work, as in life, there are plenty of expectations, and that oft-repeated question is often a response to the unexpected.

We asked our CEO and co-founder, Srikanth Iyer, what his One Question was. The answer came back pretty promptly.

“The one question I always get asked is why, after spending almost 15 years in the education industry, I chose to pursue a start-up in interior design.”

The answer, he tells us, is pretty simple. “Why not? I found that there was a real potential for growth and development in the interior design industry. My own personal experience with interior design taught me that this is a largely unorganised sector, and the customer experience is often unsatisfactory. This led me to believe that this was a space that was ripe for intervention.

The home interiors industry is still developing in India, and I found that this was a sector where I could make a genuine impact. The growing Indian middle class is a huge potential market for services that hadn’t yet found a way to reach them.

We have the possibility of creating new structures, bringing ease, transparency and accountability to the process, while at the same time expanding the market and discovering new levels of engagement.”

And, because we believe that one question is never enough, we asked him whether making this shift was challenging, whether it fuelled opportunities for new development.

Definitely, but I found it more intriguing than challenging, because I didn’t have a background in this industry, so there was a lot to learn and understand. There were plenty of opportunities for new development because there was so much to discover.

Challenging, for sure, but was it also rewarding?

“I think that the journey itself is the reward. The learning is the reward, the mistakes you made are the reward, because each one teaches you something that you will never forget.”

Now, that’s the One Question well answered! Stay tuned for more.

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    Arash Khurana
    December 13, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    Inspirational read!

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