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Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep: 5 Things to Do for Your Home This New Year

Make a fresh new start

Make a fresh new start

Yes, we know that New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Especially the ones about dieting, cutting down on alcohol, waking up early and sleeping early. Why would you start your new year with a list of ways to make it less fun for yourself and for everyone else?

We propose some happier resolutions, for your home. They’re not going to lay an onerous sense of responsibility on your back, they’re just going to make it a more comfortable and pleasurable space to live in.

  1. Throw out that clutter; Don’t wait for another year’s build-up

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably tripping over the detritus of a year of procrastination. Old bills, newly bought clothes which didn’t fit, furniture you wanted to give away but never got around to, chairs with cracked legs, empty bottles – you know what we’re talking about. Chuck ‘em all out. Start the new year with a fresh, clean space, so you can work out new ways to mess it up again.

  1. Replace linens, drapes, furniture that’s done its time

Get rid of those dusty curtains and worn-out linens. With the world going tilt, your home should be an oasis of peace and security. Give yourself the pleasure of fresh cotton smells, fix or replace damaged furniture, change what you can’t fix.

  1. Get to that long-awaited maintenance work

Now that you’ve got yourself all worked up, maybe it’s time to fix that leaky tap? If you’ve been tolerating it for awhile, then it’s time to tackle it. Or do you have one plug-point which is wonky, or something else that’s been niggling at your mind? We’d call that a micro-stressor. Squash it.

  1. ’Tis the season to renovate

If you’ve been struggling with an unwieldy kitchen or an inadequate wardrobe for some time now, make use of the lag-time of January to make those renovations happen. It’s best to use that rush of energy that newness brings – once you start getting acclimatised, you’ll probably forget about it again.

  1. Go green

We’re putting this one on every list! With pollution levels rising every day, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your home is to stay environmentally friendly and keep lots of plants around. Recycle, set up a waste management system (it’s a lot easier than it sounds – 3 dustbins will do the trick), and grow yourself a kitchen garden, a balcony garden or even an indoor garden – whatever suits your space.

Like we said earlier, these resolutions are only going to make you happier. HomeLane wishes you a refreshing new year, with a dash of eco-consciousness thrown in!

— by Priya John

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