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Refresh Your Home with These Spring-Cleaning Hacks

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Who cares that temperaturesin India have already hit summer peaks? For some of us, it’s still spring – those of us who can remember when spring used to be a thing. And all that winter sloth has led us to this place where we really just need to do one big cleaning. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re willing to give up our sleep or our lazy Sunday lunches for it. If there are ways to speed it up and make it easier, we’re all ears. Or eyes, in these internet-driven times.

So, here are some of our favourite spring-cleaning hacks:

  1. The one where all you need is a lemon to get rid of water stains. That’s right, that hotel-bathroom look with sparkly faucets can be yours – just cut a lemon in half and rub off those white water stains.


  1. That scotch-tape solution! Scotch tape is all you need to snag those pet hairs off your carpets and sofas. So cool, so easy.


  1. De-odorize your mattresses with baking soda! Sprinkling baking soda powder over your mattresses will get rid of that musty winter smell without your having to drag it off the bed and put it out in the sun.


  1. Use newspaper for glass surfaces. Yup, they work better than cotton cloth. And they definitely don’t need you to run out to the supermarket one more time!


  1. A toothbrush and baking soda for grout. Those tricky spaces between your kitchen backsplash or bathroom tiles don’t need to be avoided. Just tackle them with an old toothbrush and baking soda.


  1. Throw some stuff out! This one’s our favourite. Soap tray too full of leftovers? Spoon rack in a state of total disrepair? Throw out the things that are relatively easy to replace and are just too darned complicated to clean or fix.


  1. Natural oils for a bit of extra polish. If you want your wood to shine but you don’t like the smell of chemicals, a little bit of coconut oil can give you both a healthy sheen and a healthier smell.


We have to admit; spring-cleaning is a lot more fun when there are so many hacks out there to try. You can almost think of it as experimentation-time. That said, happy spring-cleaning!


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