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Pick Up the Paintbrush to Liven Up Small Rooms


It’s usually recommended to stay light with colours for smaller rooms, because that makes the space look bigger. However, some of us just need colour in our lives, no matter what the size of our rooms. The thought of a white wall might seem very dreary, even if it makes the room look brighter and more well-lit.

Living in a smaller house or apartment definitely doesn’t mean you’re obliged to go white. And you certainly don’t have to be boring with your colour choices either. Here are some ideas for colouring up small rooms without shrinking them.

Go bold with jewel tones


If you like your space playful and eclectic, jewel tones might be your thing. Go for the softer side of the palette, with slightly muted oranges or blues that won’t make the space claustrophobic. Or go with lighter wall colours in general and one or two bright statement walls that offer a strong contrast.

Shifting shades for dynamic style


Let’s say you’ve chosen a minty green or blue for your walls. You can shift the shades depending on the space or the accent. You could make your shelving deeper greens or blues, a balcony wall could be sea green or blue. Mixing shades really livens up the space, without too much stress on colour combinations.

Grey, if white just won’t do


If you’d prefer to keep things simple, but white is just too dull for you, try a silvery grey. You can add soft blues into your decor to create a wonderful mellow look.

Look up to the ceiling for contrasts


Choose a light colour for your walls, and a contrasting, richer, darker colour for the ceiling, and voila – problem solved!

Bright, light and warm – do it all with yellow


Maybe the simplest solution yet is to go for yellow. It’s an easy colour to match, and a creamy yellow offers plenty of reflective capacity while looking interesting, inviting and all those other things you want your home to be.

Remember, small doesn’t and shouldn’t mean dull. These are just some of the ways you can colour up and liven up a small room – a change of perspective will find you many more!

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