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Open Shelves in Indian kitchens are a big hit! Here’s why it works

Indian kitchens have come a long way from being small corner spaces to cook food to being the focal point of the entire house, wherein today’s times eating and cooking are managed simultaneously. From the traditional straight kitchens to trendy modular kitchen layouts like island and open kitchens, the layouts and options available in kitchen design are immense. One such trend is choosing open shelves that has become quite popular with the masses these days. Here’s why:1478767094417

  • For that spacious look

Open shelving is perfect for modern apartments where kitchen space can be a constraint. With smaller kitchens, you can start by adding open shelves. The kitchen will look more spacious than before. Not just ingredients or dishes, you can also keep other knick-knacks, collectibles or cookery books that were otherwise being ignored in one of those kitchen drawers.

  • Easy view

Wondering where you kept that oatmeal box? Fret not! With open shelving, you need not open each and every cabinet to find out that one item you’ve been looking for. One look at the shelves around and you would know where everything is. Open shelving thus saves time and allows you to find things easily. It’s a perfect fit for the busy professionals who find it hard to spare time in kitchen.

  • Fits everyone’s budget

Opting for open shelving in the place of cabinets will cut down on the kitchen cost. Buy a better chimney or hob instead that you’ve been wanting to have but were restricted owing to the budget.

  • Neat and Modern Look

Don’t know where to keep that colourful tea set, bone china crockery or those colourful ceramic jars? Open shelves allow you to decorate your kitchen exactly the way you want, keeping all such storage jars, cans, pots and pans together and yet not lose out on the space front. Many people have now started to imbibe different décor element into their kitchen and not just other rooms in the house. Open shelving allows you to do that too.Open Shelves Kitchen Ideas

Get started by pulling away the cabinet doors first to see how it looks. Or you could check with one of our expert designers at 1800-102-4663 and have a design created for you.

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