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Modular Kitchens: Necessity or Luxury?

Breaking free from the myth that modular kitchens are expensive, HomeLane tells you why a well-planned remodelling is affordable

It’s sad but true that a majority in India consider kitchen makeovers to be quite expensive, more so with modular kitchens. When the truth is that a well-planned modular kitchen will never dig too deep into your pockets. Instead, it will save you time and money in the longer run, besides being stunning looking. Did you know that there are many ways to retain the original units by reviving aesthetics like backsplash tiles, cabinets and worktops?

So if you are planning a kitchen makeover but have always been reluctant to make the first move, now is a good time. Check out the following titbits from our experts that will tell you why modular kitchens have become an affordable necessity now-a-days:

  1. Efficient storage capacity: Modular kitchens allow you excellent storage capacity for your ever-increasing kitchen stock. By introducing magic corners, cutlery trays and a thali basket, you could store more stuff efficiently in your kitchen.
  2. Bid goodbye to the noisy exhaust fan: With the advent of the hob and chimney, it is relatively easy to ensure that the kitchen smoke has a proper exit with maximum suction power, thereby bidding goodbye to the noisy exhaust fan. These days, a modular setup is actually considered incomplete without the presence of chimney and hob.
  3. Budget it right: Not all modular kitchen designs are expensive. Based on your requirements, you could always ask your interior decorator to advise you on the many economical modular kitchen models available. Even minor changes like installing a new glass door and changing the countertop material can alter the overall cost.
  4. Modern day cooking: No longer is Indian cooking confined to a cook’s job only. People are now more comfortable with a kitchen-cum-dining space. This is where the concept of open kitchens, island kitchens or breakfast-cum-bar counters have gained popularity.
  5. For the love of colour: If your home décor is more on the vibrant side, don’t hesitate to add a touch of the vibrancy to your kitchen space as well. The alluring colour options that are available in modular kitchens are unmatchable and promise a unique look. You could choose from high-gloss laminates, texture finishes, wooden or acrylic finishes; the options are immense in all these categories.

Wish to get started now? Wait no more, call us at 1800-102-4663 or drop in a mail at; we’ll help transform your kitchen space.

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