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Modular Kitchens: Care and upkeep

Your kitchen cabinets can be maintained in simple and easy ways. Read on.

Modular Kitchens kitchen cabinets

Pretty sure you’re whipping up a storm in your new modular kitchen, happily having escaped the humdrum of everyday life. Did you notice that spatter on your new laminate cabinet door or that smudge of turmeric on the edge of the counter and promise yourself you’d get to it soon?

The quintessential Indian kitchen is the heart of a home’s activity, running high temperatures, steam, oil spatters and a riot of colours and ingredients. We often forget that the steam from the pressure cooker, the stains left by your naughty toddlers and occasional kitchen spills can be unpleasant for the overall welfare of the modular kitchen, if not taken care of soon. Here are a few hacks to help you keep that kitchen of yours as good as new for years:

Stay away from an arsenal of chemicals:
All you need to clean the counters and laminate surfaces and cabinets regularly is some warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. Wiping it down should clean it almost immediately. Also, try to not use harsh chemicals on your laminates.

Wipe, not scrub:
Laminate surfaces can get scratched with sharp objects, so keep away those metal scrubbers. Use a soft cloth to wipe and ensure you dry the surface once you are done cleaning.

Kitcken Cleaning Tips

Your handy helper:
Use baking soda to clean grease from ovens and also grout from between your tiles

Blender bender:
Once you’re done using your blender/mixer, add a little warm water and soap and blend for quick cleaning

Sinking glory:
Occasionally pour a little hot water down your sink to clean it of oil residue. That should prevent the sink from smelling and forming stains
Simple products for expensive appliances: Clean the appliances and steel surfaces with glass cleaner or flour. Spray/sprinkle, rub the appliance clean and wipe down with a damp cloth. Simple!


Always room for extras:
Use lemon juice to clean your silverware. You can combine lemon and some coarse salt to rub down and clean your cutting boards.

Modular kitchens are worth every penny as they are functional and easy to maintain. Wipe down the counters and gas tops every day and take another 2-3 minutes for the cabinets. You won’t have to replace or repaint your kitchen anytime soon!

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