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Mindfulness At Work: Why It’s Gaining Popularity

Mind full or Mindful?

Breathe and focus on what's most important

Breathe and focus on what’s most important


There’s a mindfulness wave sweeping over the world. Look around you and count the number of friends who go chanting on weekends, do a daily meditation routine, or just say the word mindful in every second conversation. With so much popularity, it can’t be too long before the workspace starts filling up with references to it as well.

However, unlike other modern-day trends like photographing your food before you eat, mindfulness at work could actually make a healthy impact on your work life, without taking away from the rest of your life.

What it’s all about

Put very simply, mindfulness is a state of awareness, or consciousness. That might sound easy, but keep in mind that it means a complete dedication to the present, an acceptance of feelings and thoughts, as well as a complete acknowledgment of your current state of being.

How does that affect my work life?

Well, think about it. What are the most likely problems you could have at work? Stress, distraction, too much project-juggling, missed deadlines, procrastination. You might say that it’s highly likely that you turn out to be your own biggest enemy. In which case, mindfulness could actually help you out in some ways.

How could mindfulness possibly be of use with that?

Being mindful means keeping your attention focused. If you’ve got a task to finish, and you focus all your energy towards that, it’s definitely going to work out better than drifting off to check who liked your last Facebook post. Practicing mindful meditation can be of use to those who’re collecting a large amount of work stress – especially towards the evening when you really need to release your day and move into a different space.

With more and more working people finding themselves close to burnout, and with living stress in urban spaces increasing by the day, any form of meditative activity can find plenty of takers. Mindfulness has the benefit of simplicity and accessibility, making it particularly attractive for those who have a bustling work life.

Here’s to healthier minds!



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