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Make the Most of a Small Balcony on a Smaller Budget


Living in a small apartment with a tiny balcony in a big city? You’re definitely not alone in your need for some contact with the outdoors. Space tends to come at a premium with urban living. However, we’ve always said that small spaces don’t need to rein in your creativity when it comes to making the most of them.

If you’ve given up on your balcony, dismissed it as too small and started using it to store old boxes and broken furniture, then take heart and clear it all out. Here are some ways to start over and make the most of your balcony space, without spending too much while you’re at it:


Use folding chairs and table to create a temporary sit-out.


If evening tea outdoors or an extension for party nights is what you’re looking for, folding chairs and a small table are just what you need. You can put them away on the side when they’re not in use, leaving the space free for the rest of the time.


Rugs and floor cushions make things even cozier.



A couple of hardy rugs and floor cushions are an even simpler solution for space-saving. You can move them around or put them away as you like. Keep your plants elevated on shelving, hanging from the railing, or on short stools, and use the floor space to chill.


Arrange small plants in a row along the railing to make a green column.


It works wonders for the view, and really gives you the feeling of being surrounded by greenery, even if you’re living right in the heart of the concrete jungle.


One low bench and a coffee table is all it takes to add some comfort.


You don’t need a full set of furniture to get yourself to spend time in your balcony. A simple low bench on one side leaves almost the whole space free, and you can jazz it up with some bright cushions and add a little coffee table.


Protect yourself from the sun with plants or blinds.


If the soon-to-be blazing summer sun leaves your balcony with very little protection, try hanging up bamboo-weave blinds or even straw mats for some protection. Of course, one of the best solutions is plants themselves – hanging pots look charming, especially when they’re taking the worst of the heat off your space.


Use in-build wall shelves to keep everything from plants to a handy book.

Balcony - Shelf

When you’re dealing with small spaces, it’s most important to think vertically, not horizontally. Use the available wall space or corners for some simple shelving that gives you more options to arrange and to decorate.


There’s always room for a hammock!


One hammock can give you a lot more comfort than a row of chairs. Just hang it up and surround yourself with rows of potted plants and enjoy the magic!

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