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Know How to Use Mirrors for Home Décor

Picking the right mirror can add an element of luxury to your home

Imagine a vintage mirror hung centrally on a pastel coloured wall. Elegant, right? There is no doubt that mirrors add a lot of grace to your home décor. But have you ever thought what type, shape or size of mirror will suit your home? Not all mirrors suit all walls; placement is very essential. Today, HomeLane gives you the rundown on using mirrors to spruce up your home.

As a Dresser cum Wardrobe
This is a perfect fit for contemporary apartments plagued by space crunch. Check out the collection of Armadio Wardrobes that come in metallic shades and also give you the option of having full-length mirror/glass panel in one of the three sections. With the sliding door option, Armadio wardrobes promise to save a lot of space.1474008209133

As a stand-alone decor item :
If you are one of those who love to adorn their living room but feel restricted owing to the lack of space, mirrors can be a great decor option for you. An embellished round-shape mirror amidst the center of the wall adds oodles of flamboyance to an otherwise dull looking living room. You could also use different small mirrors and hang them on one of the walls in the living room. This will bring in more light inside the room thereby making the room look more spacious.1474008254658

Above the foyer unit
Make a dazzling first impression with your foyer. While a foyer unit helps you put together various items in one place, a round or an oval shape wooden bordered mirror above it will beautify that section of your home.1474008409947

For kitchen cabinets
Last but not the least, having glass door panels for your kitchen cabinets will not only allow you the ease of looking at everything in one glance but will also be relatively easy to maintain than its wooden counterparts. You could either opt for a neutral glass panel or designer glass panel depending on your budget and overall kitchen layout.1474008125628

And now that you have a basic idea of how to elegantly use mirrors in your home to get that classy look, get started now. If you need more interior decoration advice, call our expert team at 1800-102-4663 or mail us at  or visit us @

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