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Keeping Up With the Scandinavians: Have a Hygge Home


What’s a hygge and how on earth do you pronounce that?
You might well ask, as the concept of hygge comes from quite a distance to become a home decor trend in countries that lie far south of the originator. Still, after we’ve done the zen, the feng shui, the Japanese minimalist and the French country style, you might say that it’s high time the Scandinavians got their time in the sun.

But first, what is hygge?

Well, it’s a Danish and Norwegian word, but also a concept. Not to mention a noun, a verb, and an adjective. What it implies is coziness’, comfort, togetherness, a sanctuary. All the things we want out of our homes. This concept is especially relevant to cold countries, where a home really needs to be all of these things in wintertime, but even in our sunnier climes, the idea of a cozy home could never really go amiss.

How would I go about ‘hygging up’ my home? And really, how do I pronounce that?

Ok, it’s pronounced ‘hue-gah’, but you’re excused for not knowing that, because it’s a rare breed among us that gets our Danish right, in India. (You could also check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSXiH_0HgwI). Now, going hygge means some amount of adaptation, because while comfort and security is a universal desire, the concept does need some acclimatization when it travels down south.

Here are some ways you can add elements of hygge to your home, or know that it was hygge if you’ve already got them:

Create a cozy little nook to run to when you get home.


I’d be biased and say make it a reading nook, but why not? All you need is a comfortable couch, a window sill for some nice fresh daylight to stream in, a small bookshelf or a big corner bookshelf, based on your needs, and there you have it, comfort, sanctuary and entertainment, all in one place.

If you’d prefer a more sociable kind of togetherness, bring in a small coffee table and a friend. Or use an ottoman for a coffee table.

Take Note of Textures


When you’re choosing drapes, cushion covers and throws, find a range of textures to create a more fulfilling sensory experience. Add one fluffy cushion cover or knit throw, or balance out the soft covers with a couple of more velvety or warmer textures. Suede cushion covers, anyone?

Light Up with Candles


We’ve more or less forgotten those days when power cuts darkened most of our evenings, but candles can serve as a nostalgic reminder. Ignore your UPS and turn off the lights, sit by the candlelight, and settle down for a cosy evening of shared remembrance.

Hygge is a lot about togetherness, so keep your design elements intimate, convivial and laid out for conversation and laughter. Avoid those isolating elements of modernity and bring in those little personal touches that make a home definitively yours.


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