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Interior Colours for your Apartment: Here’s What You Need to Know

                 You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what shades to choose from

Designing your new apartment and wondering what colour to pick for every room? If picking colours for your new apartment isn’t hard enough, the task turns out to be more difficult when your entire family has a say in the matter. So how do you decide on what’s best for your home, given its size and layout and what reflects your personality best? HomeLane brings you the low down on home interior, pop, wardrobe and kitchen colours that are available in the market today.

Bold Colours
If you’re one to pick darker or loud shades, a lot of pop colour designs have been trending in the interior colour market. Every year, fresh colours are added by Pantone to the overall colour band which is then used by various industries, interior design included. So check the trends and maybe you’ll find something that’s in sync with your home style. Just a word of caution: Don’t overdo bold colours like magenta, orange or deep purple. For instance, you could opt for a dark shade in your wardrobe design and leave rest of the room walls in a single colour like white. This will accentuate the overall persona of your room. Wardrobe colours are available in both gloss and metallic finishes as well. That will give you an array of options to pick from.

Light Colours
If you live in a tropical country, chances are you will avoid using dark colours in your room. You might prefer light colours like whites, pastels, beige, soft pearl and neutral shades. These interior colours will give your room a clean perspective and bring in a lot of coolness and comfort to your room, and also make it airy and spacious. For instance, you can use neutral shades with wood or light shades against pop colour to bring out the best in your room.

Kitchen Colours
Kitchen colours are no longer confined to merely ceiling and walls. With modular kitchens, people prefer to opt for cabinet colours, counter top materials in different colours and patterns, and also get some accessories as well. Check with your interior designer who could assist you in coordinating different kitchen elements with a particular colour. For instance, contrast shades can be used to set aside different areas in the kitchen or a bright counter top colour with light colour wall cabinets will light up your kitchen.

While you colour options are plenty, it is the combination which matters the most for it can change how your home looks. Don’t restrict yourself to walls and ceilings when it comes to choosing colours. Other elements like wardrobes, cabinets and counters too can light up your home.

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