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How to decorate your Puja room this Janmashtami

What makes the festival of Janmashtami unique is the fact that people love to decorate Lord Krishna in their own unique way. Be it children or the lovable granny in your locality; every person welcomes Lord Krishna’s arrival in an elaborate way. If you’re running out of time to deck up your Puja room, here are some quick tips to ring in the goodness.


  1. Lord Krishna idol: Head to the local market to find your favourite idol of Lord Krishna. Choices are aplenty — from colourful idols to ones embellished with stones and other glittering material. Ensure your idol stands out when placed in the Puja room. If you already have an idol at home, you could make it more attractive by using flowers, colours or adorning the idol with bright new clothes which are easily available in the market.
  2. Cradle: The next thing you would need is a beautiful cradle to place the figurine of Lord Krishna. With a variety of cradle types to choose from these days, you will surely find one that is appealing. Just make sure you carry the idol to be placed to see if its fits well in the cradle. If time permits, you can bring a simple cradle and decorate it with paint, stones and glitter for a customized cradle.
  3. Earthen pot for butter: Known for his mischievous tricks to steal butter, celebrating Lord Krishna is indeed incomplete without the presence of butter. Place some tiny earthen pots and paint it to brighten the overall look of your Puja room. Stuff in some cotton wool that looks like butter and you are all set with the Lord’s favourite meal.
  4. Add more colours: Your Puja room should look resplendent with colours. Buy some satin dupattas in different colours, tie them together and hang them loosely over your Puja unit to create a good aura in the room.
  5. Music: If you aren’t a good singer, download different songs reminiscing Lord Krishna’s life and childhood. Play it right from midnight till the very next day. Your Janmashtami 2016 celebrations will double up by creating a devotional atmosphere.

Seems like you’re all set for this Janmashtami. If you have any other ideas to add to this list, we are all ears. Also, don’t forget to share your Puja unit pictures with us.

Happy Janmashtami!

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