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Home Lighting Ideas

Lighting is the most quintessential part of your home décor. Whether it is one of those grand chandeliers or the classy lampshades, the type of light you opt for a certain room makes a big difference in its visual appeal. For even a tiny lamp placed on the corner table can make or break the style statement of your room. Let’s learn more on how different lighting ideas will suit your home.
1. Living Area
Those big chandeliers are always a sight to behold in the living room if you have a high ceiling and big foyer. But you could also add various unique lighting elements to brighten up this space. If you have a painting that is a masterpiece in itself or a mirror that is the center of attraction in your living area, look for a mounted light or accent lighting to highlight these elements.Living Area Lighting Ares

2. Living Area Lighting
If you have an office setup at home, then this is one area which demands more task lighting than any other room or section in your home. Ensure that you go for white light table lamps or under cabinet LED lights which emit clear light while you are working.Study Room Lighting Ares
3. Foyer
Primarily the entrance of your home, good lighting can uplift the foyer area. Go for pendant lights if the foyer area has a narrow corridor leading to the common room. If your home has plenty of natural light, you cannot go wrong with the ambient light. Again fixture lights above a painting or an idol will add a lot of elegance to this area.Foyer Area Lighting Ideas
4. Bedroom
This is one area where you come to relax. Hence, the lighting selected for bedrooms must evoke calmness. Besides mount-light on the ceiling or walls, table lamps can look perfect on your bedside table. Another option can be vintage-looking wall scones which add a lot of grace to your bedroom. Your choice of lighting also depends on your personality. If you are more on the creative side, you could go for funky lampshades or even lantern lights in the corner of the bedroom. Bed RoomArea Lighting Ideas
5. Kitchen
Who says you need to stick to traditional light when it comes to the kitchen? With modular kitchen layouts setting the trend now, choose lighting to match the layout. From industrial materials like brass and steel to contemporary options like pendant and track lights, the styles are endless. Just make sure you choose a bright white colour light when working in the kitchen. Don’t miss the under-cabinet lights which promise not just additional lighting at night but also take up less space. Hence, this option is ideal for any kitchen size.  Kitchen Room Lighting Ideas
Now that you know the basics for lighting your home, go shop for those beautiful pieces today. For more on interior decorating advice, call us at 1800-102-4663 visit us @

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