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Gardening made Easy! – Cheat codes for easy gardening

If you love your garden, you also know how much effort it takes to maintain one. From tackling with clay collecting under the pots, to the dirt in your nails, we’ve got some interesting ways to help you do your gardening work in a jiffy.

Dirty Nails

When you’re getting your hands dirty in the garden, your nails are in for a dirt bath too. And sure you can cover your hands with gloves, but you love the feel of fresh, wet mud, then that’s out of the question. Master Gardner Paul James shares his secret to keep dirt from getting under your fingernails while you garden. All you need to do, is run your fingernails across a soap bar, you’ll see a nice coating of soap settle under them. This stops the dirt from getting in. When you’re done, simply take a brush and remove the soap!


Keep your gardening tools handy

Tackling the Mulch problem

Whether you’re beginning your journey as a gardener, or a seasoned one, understanding the importance of mulch when growing your plants, is first rule. Since plants yield more when they grow in mulch, here are some quick tips to maintain a healthy mulch for your plants.

Pine Straw- if you’re growing strawberries or garlic and potatoes, pine straw works like a charm.

Grass Clippings- available everywhere, mulch made of grass clippings give your garden nitrogen and nutrients.

Newspapers- they help lock the moisture in and keep weeds out!

The Elusive Twine

You know how hard and frustrating it can be to run around the house, and skim through your tools, when you’re looking for some twine for your garden, to solve that problem, all you need to do, is put a ball of twine into an empty pot, pull out one end of the twine through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot, and turn the pot upside down. Keep it at a central location around your garden, so that no matter which end of the garden you’re in, you’ll never be too far away from the twine!


Follow these tips and tricks to get a healthy garden

Soup for your Plants

When you’re in the kitchen boiling vegetables for the next meal, make sure you don’t throw the water away. Use the water from your boiled vegetables in the plants around your patio, they’ll love it.

Chamomile Tea

To keep young seedlings from being attacked by fungus, pouring a little chamomile tea around the base of the seedlings is good practice. Do this once a week, and you’re your garden should be just fine.

Acidify the Soil

For a regular and natural acidification of soil in your garden, simply feed them left coffee and tea grounds. Sprinkle some (One quarter on an inch) every month for best results.

There you go, we have some old, some new, but all very useful, less time consuming tips for your garden.

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