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Essential Furniture for First-Time Homemakers


When you’re planning your first home, you might find yourself wondering how you got into this whole adulthood thing in the first place. Being confused seems to be something that never happens to other people. The truth is, some amount of confusion, under-bargaining and over-thinking tends to happen to everyone. It’s just not something that’s talked about too much.

But, we get you. You don’t know where to start. You’re not sure if you should be choosing curtains or buying a four-poster bed or collecting cast-offs from your mum. You’re reminiscing about the good old days when a laptop and a pile of clothes on a chair was enough to make a home.

Still, there’s no need to panic. We have a roadmap of sorts for first-time homemakers. Here are the things that need to occupy most of your initial planning time:

The bedroom – a bed, wardrobe, mirror and dresser


You can’t go wrong with a big bed, whether you’re single or sharing with a partner. It’s bound to bring you plenty of comfort and satisfaction. So go with the best you can get for your budget. A wall-sized wardrobe might not be for everyone, but you can definitely find your size and a contemporary, compact style if you’re single. You need a little table by your bed, if not a dresser. Trust us, something always finds its way there.

The kitchen – shelving, storage space, workspace and extras


You’re probably familiar with the notion of kitchen cabinets, storage shelves, a good-sized countertop and places to keep your appliances. Extras would be a breakfast bar, or a kitchen island, or a table that can double up as a kitchen island. If you’re not yet ready to invest in a formal dining table, these might be very viable options for you.

The bathroom – cabinet, shelving, mirror


Choose your bathroom shelf based on your current shopping habits. If you’re a collector of bottles and jars, lotions and organic shampoos, then some extra shelving might come in handy. If your tastes are spartan, then keep your bathroom pretty much the same. Either way, we recommend a mirror. It always comes in handy.

The other stuff


So, now your house is basically functional. There’s plenty more to do, but things like living room furniture can be collected over time. Still, a basic armchair will definitely add that sense of home to the room, and if it works for your budget, a living room wall unit might resolve quite a few storage problems.

When even that is done, you can start worrying about cushion covers, curtains and other decor items – or just throw a barely-moved-in party and wait for the gifts to start pouring in.

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