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Dress up your home with decorative tiles

Almost a decade ago, tiles were confined to bathroom spaces only, the exception being Chettinad houses with Athangudi tiles (which are immensely popular now). Simple coloured tiles sufficed for people. Its aesthetic potential wasn’t explored quite well. In the recent times, decorative tiles have entered the home décor market to enhance the overall appeal of the other rooms in your home as well. Our suggestions on what you can do for your home with decorative tiles:

1.  Collage of Decorative Tiles
Forget paintings and bring home some unique tiles that match your overall home décor and reflects your personality. You could blend patterns and single colours or use a collage of plain tiles in contrast shades. Put them up on the wall and your living area is ready to look not just stunning, but innovative too.
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2.   Floor Tiles
These days many people opt for unique patterned tiles as a flooring option. Just ensure that the colour or patterns you choose aren’t too loud in comparison with the wall colour and the furniture. Let the corridor between your bedroom and living area become distinctive by adding decorative floor tiles. The kitchen is another great place to show off attractive tiles.Floor Tiles
3.  Back splash tiles
Speaking of the kitchen, back splash tiles is one of the most important pre-requisites when you plan a modular kitchen. So, the next time you meet your interior designer, don’t forget to ask for the different variants available for kitchen back splash tiles. This promises not only easy maintenance, but also an instant visual appeal.
Back splash tiles
4.  Ceiling Tiles
How can you miss the ceiling when it comes to decorative tiles? Make your ceiling an art lover’s delight by putting vinyl decorative tiles that are available in classic designs. In for some whacky ideas? Try ceiling tiles made from tin to give an offbeat look to your room, which comes at an affordable price too.Ceiling Tiles
5.  Mosaic tiles
From abstract to geometric, florals to textures; mosaic tiles are unmatchable. The visual appeal of glass mosaic tiles can be perfect for your living area. So, the next time you think of house painting, try mosaic tiles in place of texture paint for one of those living room walls. Mosaic tiles
This season, wait no more and bring in some bold and distinctive tile patterns for your home. Have a unique tile pattern at your home already? Share it with us and we will feature it here. For more on interior decorating advice, call us at 1800-102-4663 or visit us @ http://www.homelane.com/

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