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DIY 5 Minute Miniature Gardens


Let’s face it. We all love a crafty DIY but we love it more if it can be achieved in 5 minutes flat! The type of gardening projects that work for us best are the tiny five minute container ones.  The awesome thing about these gardens is you can fit them even in a very small space and spruce up a dull corner of your house with some bright and textured greenery. They are also great if you’re renting since you don’t have to dig up any ground.


Here’s our favourite part though- you don’t have to have a green thumb to plant these perfectly crafted, incredibly cute miniature gardens. All you need is to start with a glass container. You can use anything that is lying around your house and needs repurposing—an old vase, a cleaned-out pasta jar, a fish bowl, or be fancy and buy a special terrarium bowl.


First, fill the bottom of the vessel with a layer of small rocks to collect the water drainage. Then, layer with potting soil made for cacti and succulents. It should be deep enough for the plants to root to. Using the end of a narrow object, in this case a chopstick, dig a hole in the soil big enough for the roots and place the plant inside, firmly tap the soil down to hold the plant in place. Mix around with different types of plants, colours and sizes to make it visually interesting. In the en, add white sand and pebbles for a ‘landscaping’ effect.

Et voila! Your table to garden is ready. Place them in direct sunlight and water every 2 weeks. These easy peasy low maintenance beauties are yours to show off!

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