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This Diwali, dress up your living room

Indian festivals come with a huge fanfare. And nothing beats the mother of all festivals- Diwali. With your friends and relatives dropping in every now and then for a routine exchange of gifts; your home better be Diwali-ready. To be more precise, your living room must rise to the occasion. After all, this is where you spend majority of time with guests. In this post, we will tell you different ways to make your existing living room look like million bucks without spending much.

Go Bold
Bold design styles and preferences are always refreshing to the eye. Head out to the local flea market and pick abstract paintings that can act as focal point for your living area. If your living room wall colour is light, choose a bright coloured painting and if it’s a dark shade, compliment it with a contrasting hue. You could also buy grand cushion covers and other upholstery to create a festive space.shutterstock_451029766

That statement wall
Create a statement wall in your living area and put up pictures, travel souvenirs and memoirs that are close to you. How about a family collage of all your distant cousins and relatives glued together in one frame? Shift your 3-seater sofa in front of it and a centre table right in front of it to complete the look.

70’s Calling
While trendy and contemporary designs have their own charm, it is the golden era look that is believed to create an ever-lasting impression. So, the next time you feel those ancestral chairs are too bulky for your room, it’s time to bring them out from the store room, along with an old gramaphone. Old trunks could make up for an interesting centre table in the living room. Give your living room that evergreen vintage

Go Green
With eco-friendly options and go green initiatives being the in-thing this festive season, how can we not include nature in the living room? Opt for cane furniture that is light to the eye and economical too. Introduce DIY pots and plants in a way that opens to your balcony or a large window which overlooks your garden area. A corner fern plant would also work wonders here.223

Simply light up!
If you’re not up to so much work, we suggest you just say it with lights. Even if you light up some diyas or candles, your living area will look gorgeous. A string of fairy lights or rice grain lights can also illuminate the space.shutterstock_327286463

Since change is the only constant, this Diwali 2016, ignore those sweet and dry fruit boxes for gifting and bring in DIY gift wraps that offer a personalised touch. To know more about this, click here and get started.



Happy smiles all around!

Happy Diwali


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