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Destressing Your Home with Indoor Plants

5 ways to clear the air and make your home look stunning with indoor plants

There is something special about indoor plants. They make your home look much brighter, livelier and of course, freshen up the air quality of your home. With ‘go-green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ having become the buzzwords, many homeowners now take the green route when decorating their homes. From cacti to bonsai, orchids to ferns, spider plant to bamboo palms, the variety of indoor plants available in the market is immense. Read on to know how to effectively use indoor plants for your home décor.

1. Plant Hangers
Besides being visually appealing, the advantage of incorporating plant hangers is that they do not take up much space in your home and are hence, ideal for contemporary apartments. You can either hang them in your balcony or fix a rod in the living room to tie plant hangers of different length, making the entire living area look
2. Bathroom Specials
Even a single bonsai pot or a money plant next to the wash basin can make your bathroom look a million dollars. If you have a spacious bathroom, you could put up a spider plant or go for a long hanging plant. Adding indoor plants in bathrooms has become very common these days as it lends all-time freshness to the overall space. bth rum
3. DIY Pots
Those coffee mugs that are no longer used, that bone china tea set which is collecting nothing but dust and other similar pots and containers can finally be transformed into DIY pots for indoor plants. You can either paint them or keep them as is; they will definitely add a quirky and creative touch to your home décor.  diy

4. Corners
Never overlook corner areas when it comes to home décor. You can never go wrong using taller indoor plants in corner areas of your house. A fern next to the side table or a bamboo palm adjacent to the couch will look magnificent. corners

5. Centre Table
An attention-seeker indeed, plants placed on center table must be carefully chosen. Cactus, bonsai, jade, aloe are some of the options you can look for. You can add a dash of colour by opting for flowering house plants like orchids, hibiscus and African violet. Usually small plants suit better as they do not obstruct view on either sides of the table. A showpiece placed alongside the plant looks grand too. cntre tables
Now that we’ve equipped you with the basics, it’s time you bring some foliage  home to spruce it up.. For more interior decorating advice, you can call our expert team at 1800-102-4663 or Call us @

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