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Our Design Head Tells Us About Her Most Fulfilling Day at Homelane

Best Day At Work

HomeLane Design Head

HomeLane Design Head

Workdays tend to go up and down, depending on projects, colleagues, seasons, yesterday’s dinner and Mondays. However, since this month is all about #bestdayatwork, we’re going to give ourselves something to applaud and to aim for.

We asked Shilpi Satyanarayan, our Design Head, to tell us about her best day at work. She tells us that each new step she took at work – from her joining day to her first design project, to her biggest home interiors project to setting up a new partner programme – made for a best day in itself. However, there is one day that she finds particularly memorable. It starts off like any other day…

“I started the morning with the usual work routine, making phone calls, assigning tasks to my team, making priority lists, and assigning tasks to myself.” (We must point out here that Shilpi’s all about being well-organised).

“We were having a company event in the evening, and the entire team was looking forward to it. There was plenty of curiosity and anticipation. “What’s it all about?” someone asked. “Possibly, to raise morale and reward employees. On the other hand, it might be strictly business,” I replied.

“We didn’t have too much time to speculate, and for the rest of the morning it was work as usual. Towards afternoon, however, team members started filtering out to collect their spouses and add a little bit of polish to their outfits while they were at it.

We all arrived for the evening with good cheer, and there was actually a good amount of morale-boosting and employee rewarding. Soon, we heard that Best Performer was going to be named. I didn’t for a moment think that I was going to hear my own name being called out, but that’s exactly what happened. You might say it took me completely by surprise!

I think that what made this day so wonderful was the realisation that the hard work of all the days before that had been noticed, understood and acknowledged. It was my day in the sun.

It also made me doubly motivated to get back to those challenging projects and new initiatives.”

We have to admit, that does sound like an awesome day – not to mention well-deserved!

What was your best day at work like? Tell us in comments below.

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