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Celebrating Men’s Day

             Do up your bachelor pad with minimal effort with a few tips from HomeLane

There’s a lot of bad publicity for bachelor pads. Most of what you see on TV tells you that the modern male likes to pile his clothes on the floor (actually, who doesn’t?), live on a bean bag or a bed and fill both up with leftover food. However, though these things have their charm, we do think that it might not last very long and it might be a highly generalised notion.

In fact, we think bachelor pads deserve better. Why not make them comfortable, functional, maybe even, dare we say it, beautiful? If you’ve had enough of using chairs for tables and balancing your laptop on your knee, here are some tips to improve your living conditions without looking like you made too much of an effort about it:

Park your stuff on open shelves.
Part of the mess on your table might be because you’re a collector. Well-designed open shelves can give you space for that ancient film camera you’re going to learn how to use some day, or that nice bit of log you picked up on your last bout of traveling. They can make everything look good. Go for a simple wood finish, and stick with an easy-going contemporary shelves
Invest in a bookshelf. It’s worth it.
Even if your reading is largely composed of bestseller paperbacks to carry on flights, a good bookshelf can keep them out of reach of your morning egg and give them a gravitas they might not actually deserve, though who says that should stop you? Bookshelves are not just a storage space; they add that little something more to your home interiors. Let’s put it this way, it’s a great non-frilly way to decorate.bookshelf
Discover the transformative power of ottomans.
You like to use your furniture for multiple purposes. However, if said furniture is a chair, then you might find it more of a problem than a solution. Hence, ottomans. You can use them as footrests, impromptu coffee tables, seating for that extra friend you didn’t invite to your birthday party.Ottomans
Who says you don’t deserve a big double bed?
Don’t skimp on your sleeping quarters. Maybe you don’t need a four-poster or two bedside tables, but you deserve a big, comfy bed. Keep it central, keep it neat and keep the colours neutral.big double bed for men
So what if you wear the same shirt everyday? You still need a wardrobe.
A wall unit wardrobe might be something you’re tempted to dismiss, but it’s good preparation for a) guests and b) all those things you didn’t know you had – belts, ties, extra shoes, formal suits, track pants. These things do need to be compartmentalised.wardrobes
Wall Art
A poster of The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, The Hobbit or The Beatles, pictures to inspire the wanderlust in you or abstract artwork could do wonders to your space. You could also get make a day of it and invite talented doodlers to fill up a wall.Wallarts

And finally, if you don’t do decor, just do some gardening. Get some plants – indoor or for the balcony. They do wonders for the look of your space and they’ll keep you company.corners-1024x1024
                                                                             Happy smiles all around!mens-day                                                  Happy International Men’s DayHomeLane

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    Alan Copley
    December 13, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    Nice read.

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