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Ask Yourself When Choosing Curtains

Who Am I, And Other Existential Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Choosing Curtains

Curtains are the kind of things you tend to delay. When you move into a new house, it usually looks pretty lived-in before you get around to choosing curtains.
I find that asking yourself a few essential questions helps to speed things up a little:1

Do I like to walk in the sun or hide in the shadows?

Sheer, breezy muslins are for those who don’t mind the sun, not even at 6am. Thin cottons and linens tends to keep things fresh, casual and are perfect for those who like their curtains to filter the light, not block it.2If you’re all about the dark and the moody, try silks, thick cottons in darker shades, or even velvets – though you might find them a bit much for the bedroom.

Am I a person of contrasts or complements?
Do you want to contrast your wall colours? Remember that it takes a certain amount of flamboyance to pull of those truly energetic contrasts. If you’ve got that designer eye, then go for those electric blues and pinks, or even bold stripes. If you’re a subtler sort, then choose complementary shades to match your wall colours, maybe a few shades lighter or darker.3Can I tolerate prints and patterns for long periods of time?
This is a moot question. Floral prints, stripes, leaf patterns, look so charming, so adorable, so kitsch, so annoying after the first week. There are some of us who have the staying power for prints – for those who don’t, stick with solids or add solid drapes to one strip of print so that you can hide it when it starts to irritate.4Am I an early riser or a day sleeper?
Choosing bedroom curtains is probably the most vital part of this exercise. Rich fabrics might keep the room cool and dark, but if you need a little sunlight when you wake up, you might find them frustrating.
Even for the sunniest of early risers, though, sheer curtains can be a bit too much for the bedroom. Choose tightly woven cottons and linens in lighter shades but try and avoid white for the bedroom.5
Do I want to be dramatic or am I too chic?
Floor-length curtains do make a sweeping style statement, but for those who balk at it, just allow the curtains to drop a few inches below your window. Use the living room for the major experimentation and think a little more functional for the bedroom curtains. 6If you’re ultra-modern and your windows look very cool, try half-length curtains for something unusual.

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