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7 Home Decorating Tips to Keep Cool in Summer



Now that summer has really made its presence felt, in insistent and discomfiting ways, we think it’s time to get serious about decorating. We definitely don’t want the fluffy and woolly remnants of winter around at this time. We want shades that soothe our eyes, while the outdoors gets progressively more dry-dust-coloured.

Here are our top decorating tips to cool your home and your senses, this summer:

  1. Keep your linens and draperies light and minty fresh. Icy grays, watery blues, mint greens might be your best bet to at least maintain the illusion of cool this summer.


  1. Set up a makeshift outdoor breakfast counter. Does your kitchen window overlook the balcony or garden? Set up a temporary breakfast bar with two tall chairs for a more relaxed morning.


  1. Or why not just dine outdoors? Create a dining space in your balcony or garden – either move your more hardy furniture or get yourself a small nook – it’s really worth it!


  1. Make your outdoors barbecue-ready. Set up a brick enclosure, or even a permanent barbecue spot, if you have the space. You know you’ll be using it!


  1. Go for the distressed white look for your wooden furniture. Who said it ever went out of fashion? It works even better with outdoor furniture. You could also try painting dark wooden beams, pillars and railings white. It makes a remarkable change to your home.


  1. Now’s the time when you can really get crazy with flowers. Firstly, pretty much everything is in bloom. Secondly, since you’ve gone soft with your colour palette, you can go completely wild with your flower combinations. Anything goes!


  1. Get that home bar you always wanted. You might have noticed that you’re stocking up a lot on juices, sodas, beers and mixers lately. Which means you can feel perfectly justified in getting that whole bar thing going.


In short, staying cool this summer means not just surviving it, but enjoying it. We’re totally in tune with any decorating tips that involve making merry and acting like we’re on holiday, because, why not?

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