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6 Work Resolutions to Make Now

Pen It, Practice It

Pen It, Practice It

We like this about the New Year – it gives us time to reflect, to map out everything that happened over the previous year and to start a new page, with fresh goals. These markers remind us of where we began and where we’re going.

Here are some of our favourite work resolutions:

  1. Celebrate Your Achievements in the Past Year

That’s why the new year begins with a party. We think there’s no better way to start than to look back on past achievements – personal or organisational. At HomeLane, we’ve completed more than 1,000 thousand installations, which means more than one thousand happy customers – it definitely gives us a happy glow and we’d like to enjoy it!

  1. Expand your Network and Make Connections

We think that building a strong network of talent is essential to any organisation. Our Design Partner Program allows us to connect with a mass of talent, young and established, and we’re looking to make even more connections in the coming year.

  1. Stay Conscious, Stay Committed

One way to establish success is to try and take as many people as you can with you. Building a strong community support, taking on some amount of social responsibility and staying environmentally and socially conscious is a vital part of work life.

  1. Keep Learning

Staying in touch with new technologies, developments in the industry and changes in thought patterns are what keep us young as an organisation. At a personal level, it’s what keeps you engaged and interested in your work. We think that building efficiency is all about adapting to changing times and processes.

  1. Communicate and Stay Engaged

There are so many aspects to this – at the business level, at the inter-department level, at the inter-personal level, communication is such a vital element of so many processes. We for one, resolve to ensure that we leave no e-mails or questions unanswered in the coming year. Or at least to make a very strong attempt at it!

  1. Maintain a Strong Work-Life Balance

Staying fit and staying involved in other activities – especially those that happen outdoors – is essential to having a productive work life, we’ve found. We’re keeping this as a permanent fixture on every new year’s list!

So what’s on your list for the coming year?

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