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6 Ways to Improve Your Employability



Employability is a slightly complex word. On one hand, it relates to your education and suitability for a job, in a purely technical sense. But it also involves a lot of other things that you might not have focused on while you were slogging your way through college or struggling with your first job.

Here are some of the things employers look out for, that increase your chances of employment when compared with someone with the same qualifications:

  1. Communication Skills: If you’re in a highly technical field, you might tend to downplay the importance of communication skills. The truth is, they’re vital to a lot of work processes — exchanging ideas, understanding project requirements and presenting new concepts. If you feel yourself short-changed in this field, try a short-term language course to catch up.
  1. Personal Initiative: It pays to show you’re genuinely interested in your work, apart from just putting in the hours. If you’ve involved yourself outside of your job requirements, started and built projects of your own and put them in the public sphere, you’re definitely going to get noticed faster.
  1. Travel: If you have any opportunity to work outside of your hometown, take it up. All the better if it’s in another country. You’re expanding your options, showing adaptability and flexibility, and adding an edge to your CV that shows up at the interview level.
  1. Knowledge of Languages: Most Indians are multilingual, but we don’t exploit this enough. Every language you know adds a new level of access. If you know more than one language, mention it in your CV and use it as a tool to explore new opportunities.
  1. Having Other Interests: If you’re an engineer who does graphics on the side, or a writer who does photography on the side, your value increases as an employee and your levels of engagement with your work can expand. You might not work in both fields, but you’ll be able to provide informed suggestions at the point when processes interlink. So don’t bury your interests; hone them.
  1. Volunteer Work: Don’t allow the spaces between jobs, or between college and jobs, to go completely dead. Keep yourself active with volunteer work, or unpaid projects. They’re adding experience, keeping your mind alive, and any time spent working will definitely come in handy later, not to mention working wonders on your confidence levels.

At HomeLane, we look for people who have this edge and a more comprehensive approach to problem-solving. Do you have what it takes?

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