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5 qualities you must have to be a HomeLaner

There was a time when recruitment process was considered gruelling only for IT and software bigwigs. Enter start-ups, the game changer in today’s job scenario and the recruitment scene has only become tougher. For you never know if that Masters’ degree is sufficient to secure a job for you today.

At HomeLane, we look out for talented individuals who are more than their degrees. Presenting, the top 5 qualities HomeLane looks at while hiring, as shared by Srikanth Iyer, Co-founder, HomeLane:

We look for initiative, drive and a level of self-motivation when we recruit. But this is a two-way street. It’s important that team members have a positive attitude and don’t require prodding or nagging, as is common in many organisations.

We just work on keeping the environment free of negativity and micromanagement. Keeping tabs on employees minute by minute and not giving them the freedom to work can affect their level of motivation.

Keen Learner:

Keen LearnerOne of the typical questions that is generally asked during an interview with HomeLane is – how have they overcome their problems or failures in their past working experience?

We always believe that failure is an opportunity to learn something new and hence, we look for people who are not just aware of their failures but have also learned from their experiences.


Agility:Agility - Plan of Action
Besides being a pro-active worker, we like to work with people who can devise a quick solution to the problem. What plan of action they take during a crisis, how they tackle it and the different ideas they come up with throw light on their natural instincts, are all important indicators.


Goal-oriented:Goal Oriented
A person without a goal is like a body without its soul. We believe having goals is very important — in both, their work and personal lives.Someone once said, you hire for ambition because you can’t teach people desire.

Those who know what they want and work towards it can form a dream team.

You might be a marathon runner, a painter, a blogger or a chef. We love bringing on board people who go beyond their usual work routine and show a keen interest to pursue their hobbies with a passion.hobbies with a passionFor more Career Opportunities visit us Turn Your Passion Into a Business Be a Design Partner ,  Call: 1800-102-4663 / 7411005000 (Harneet for Bangalore and Mumbai) , and 7022588833 (Brijesh for Chennai and Hyderabad)

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