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5 Kitchen Layout Mistakes to Steer Clear Of

Fancy a modern kitchen layout after having eyed one on your favourite cookery show? The monochrome tones and that shiny stainless steel look dazzling. But that’s not all you need to know while remodeling your kithen. Truth is, many of us focus on the overall design thereby completely forgetting about the actual kitchen layout that our homes would need.

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Our expert team of interior designers bring you 5 kitchen layout mistakes that you must know and of course, avoid:

1.   Design over positioning: Always ensure that the Kitchen Work Triangle is in accordance with your daily working style. Often we are so mesmerized by a certain look that we ignore how it will fit in our day to day lifestyle. Adequate spacing between refrigerator, sink and hob is the first pre-requisite in deciding the kitchen layout.
2.   Open shelves for display: If you reside in an area where dust often meets the eye, chances are open shelves might not be a good choice considering the daily upkeep required by them. You could instead opt for cabinets with glass doors that will not only display your crockery elegantly, but will also need less maintenance.

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3.   Squeezing counter space: Restrict yourself on cabinets but surely not on counter space. And when it comes to Indian cooking, counter space is indeed the most quintessential part. Don’t shy away from introducing an island if space permits. You’ll need a chopping area, space for appliances, and what not!

4.   Ignoring backsplash: Remember that the oil splatters, grease and steam emanating from Indian cooking style will keep accumulating on the painted wall leaving you scrubbing the walls all the while. You sure don’t want to do that, do you? Adding backsplash tiles will ease your kitchen cleaning process. One clean swipe and your kitchen is neat and clean.

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5.   Recycle Later: Kitchen trash is no longer about a separate bin cornering one of the kitchen walls. With eco-friendly kitchen concepts ruling the young minds these days; manage the trash then and there by introducing the two-bin trash system (for dry and wet waste) beneath the basin right from the start.

While the list of kitchen layout mistakes may be never-ending, our team suggests the above criteria as the most basic list to follow when planning a kitchen.

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