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These 5 Home Design Trends are Worth Trying!


We’ve been looking out for the latest in decor and design trends, and as you probably know, there’s an inherent danger in following trends at all. Firstly, how many of us can afford to revamp our homes just to keep up with the times? Secondly, so many trends turn out to be overpriced, soon outdated, only for the cool-obsessed, or just plain weird. Thirdly, what about your own personal tastes? Don’t they matter?

Which is why our favourite way to deal with trends is to just pick out the ones we like. Here’s our pick of this year’s trends (the ones we think are keepers):


  1. Shades of white

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The white with off-white trend creates this textured look that brightens and at the same time adds a sense of depth to your room. Sure, it’s a pain to clean, which is why we’d recommend it for the bedroom and not the living room, but it also works wonders for smaller apartments or houses.


  1. Shifting from DIY to craft


We’re not saying we don’t love DIY, but too much of it does tend to clutter up spaces quite a bit. And we miss some good old-fashioned skilled handiwork. So go ahead and pick up some of India’s glorious handicrafts, which never go out of fashion, and DIY some herbs in your garden this year.


  1. Keep kitchen cabinetry on one wall, even if you have access to more


The one-wall kitchen can morph into the one-hardworking-wall kitchen. This is a compact design that frees up a lot of space, and really gives you a lot of flexibility with the rest of your kitchen design and room to move around.


  1. Retro-style outdoor furniture


We really think the outdoors is the space for old-school charm. Somehow geometric just doesn’t give you that welcoming feeling. Instead, go a little retro with your balcony or garden furniture. It also works out a lot cheaper — you can scour antique shops, safe in the knowledge that you won’t need too much fixing-up because it’s going outdoors.


  1. Mix patterns and prints


We have to admit, this is something we’ve always wanted to try. With so many gorgeously patterned linens and drapes out there, it’s really hard to make a choice. So instead, choose a colour theme and play around with different prints. You can use a couple of simple solid colours to balance it out.

We’ve got to add, trends are a lot more fun when you don’t see them as rules to follow, but just pick and choose the good stuff.


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